'Riverdale' Just Cleared Up An Unanswered Question About Polly & The Farm

by Dylan Kickham

In its Season 3 finale, Riverdale finally cleared up the mystery of the Gargoyle King and even the lingering threat of the Black Hood, but there is still one dangerous entity on the loose: The Farm. Although the cult did not take center stage until the third season of the show, it was actually first brought up all the way back in Season 1, when Polly mentioned she and Jason Blossom were planning to run away from Riverdale to start a new life on a farm. A new detail about Polly and The Farm on Riverdale finally clears up the question of how Polly even found out about the cult in the first place.

Prior to Jason's death at the very beginning of Riverdale, Polly had already known about The Farm and made plans to run off to the cult to raise her babies with Jason away from their spiteful parents. After a brief stay at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, Polly finally got her wish and joined The Farm for the bulk of Season 2, raising her twins Juniper and Dagwood there. In Season 3, Polly was key to bringing The Farm into Riverdale, luring her mom to join after learning the truth about Hal and proving herself to be one of the cult's most loyal and obedient members. But how did Polly first learn about The Farm? Well, a new issue from the Riverdale tie-in comic books revealed Polly actually encountered Evelyn Evernever back before the events of the TV show.

In a couple panels from the recent Riverdale comic issue posted on Reddit, fans see Polly going to the drive-in while she is dating the still-alive Jason, and that is where she runs into Evelyn, who is asking if she needs a friend and holding flyers for The Farm.

Archie Comics

These Riverdale tie-in comics, which debuted a couple months after the CW series premiered, are considered canonical with the TV show, as they are primarily written by showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and the TV show's writing staff. So that means Evelyn Evernever was secretly lurking around Riverdale recruiting Farmies since before Season 1 even began. And since Polly was desperately searching for a way to keep her low-key incestuous relationship with Jason somewhere far away from Riverdale, it is no wonder why she was quick to jump on board Evelyn's Farm life.

As for where the show is at with The Farm right now, the Season 3 finale ended with Betty discovering the cult was actually a front for Edgar Evernever's secret organ-harvesting operation, but before she could do anything about it, The Farm skipped town with all of its followers in tow — including Polly, Alice, Fangs, and Principal Weatherbee. Only Kevin was left behind to inform the others that The Farm was gone for good.

But thankfully, it sounds like The Farm storyline will be resolved pretty quickly when Season 4 premieres this fall. Aguirre-Sacasa revealed at Comic-Con that The Farm story will be wrapped up in Episode 3 of the new season, which hopefully means Betty and her newfound FBI agent half-brother will save Alice and Polly. Let's just hope Polly isn't too hypnotized to leave Edgar's side.

Riverdale Season 4 will premiere on the CW on Oct. 9.