"Dear David" Gave Adam A Holiday From Hell & These New Tweets Are Terrifying

So this is Christmas... or is it Halloween? If you ask Adam Ellis, he'd probably say the latter. The New York City-based artist cannot ward off the malicious spirit of a little boy haunting his home, and this "Dear David" holiday update suggests the ghost knows no bounds — literally.

Ellis has taken to Twitter to document the paranormal activity he's experienced at the hands of a little boy named David. The child with a misshapen head appeared to Ellis in a dream one night, but it wasn't long before his ghost made himself known in Ellis' Manhattan apartment. Videos of objects mysteriously moving and photographs of a little boy hovering in the corner have made quite the impression on the internet.

Though Twitter craves these paranormal updates, Ellis claims to have needed a break and understandably so, given the alleged activity he's witnessed. Heading home to spend time with family on Christmas seemed like a good way for him to clear his mind (especially of David). "When I left for Montana, everything seemed to improve. Like maybe David wouldn't follow me after all. Maybe he was tied to the house, not me," Ellis said in a tweet. "Being home felt safer, and I managed to relax a little bit."

Of course, that sentiment didn't last long. Ellis woke up in the middle of the night to something (or someone) walking around outside. Though he couldn't make anything out in the pitch-black night, he assumed an animal of some kind had been causing some commotion (it's Montana, nothing to worry about).

But what animal leaves footprints in the snow... small human footprints?

"I couldn't tell what they were from the bathroom, so I got dressed, put on my coat and went outside," Ellis tweeted. "When I got up close, my heart practically stopped. They weren't tracks, they were footprints. Really small footprints." It looks like David has gone cross-country, wouldn't you say?

Of course, this put a damper on the holly jolly festivities, so much so that Ellis didn't feel safe. "The last couple nights I was too scared to leave my room. If it had been David out there in the snow, it meant that he could follow me anywhere. No matter where I moved, he could find me. I felt helpless," he tweeted. What's a guy to do in this situation — especially when he claims all the remedies have failed?

Still unconvinced? Well, Ellis has more footage to send shivers down your spine. He claims to have felt a force pummel him while he was asleep, and the photo features he set up on his phone appear to capture a little boy on top of him.

Could this possibly be David?

No one is sure what to believe anymore. Despite the footage and the panic-stricken tweets, some people are convinced David's existence is nothing more than a ruse. Conspiracy theories have begun to circulate, and Twitter followers are seemingly convinced David is just a figure of Ellis' imagination. Some even say that David developed from one of Ellis' comics. It's the mystery of the year, possibly the 21st century.

Regardless of its validity, you must admit: Anyone legitimately in that situation is incredibly unlucky. Who would want a malicious entity (even if it is a child) to haunt your every move? If you thought your holidays at home were rough, I guarantee this experience was much worse (should it be true).

For now, we simply wait for the next update to make its way into our feeds. "I don't know what to do. I'm at a loss here. I just don't know," Ellis stated. Hang in there, buddy.

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