These "Dear David" Theories Will Make You Doubt Everything You've Believed So Far

If you're an avid Twitter user, or even just a horror enthusiast, there's a likely chance you've already immersed yourself in the internet sensation that is "Dear David." But as the sinister ghost of a little boy has continued to haunt New York City-based artist, Adam Ellis, people are definitely starting question Ellis' motives, and if any of it is actually real. Although a small part of us still desperately wants to believe the deliciously horrifying story, reading these "Dear David" Reddit threads might actually turn you into a total nonbeliever.

Here's a quick synopsis for all of you who somehow haven't wasted hours on end reading up on Ellis' terrifying story: It all started with a dream. Starting way back in Aug. 2017, Ellis had a relatively graphic nightmare in which a disfigured little boy with a severed head persistently coaxed Ellis into asking him three questions. When Ellis finally discovered that the name of the boy was David — and that he had died from head trauma — the creepy child started making unwanted, consistent appearances in Ellis' apartment... and let me tell you, he was staying far beyond his welcome.

As an artist and relatively well known illustrator, Ellis has a knack for drawing and owns a wide variety of photography equipment. Using his various cameras, video recorders, and apps, Ellis has caught David moving the rocking chair at the end of his bed. He even turns sections of Ellis' photos completely black.

There's no denying that these beyond-strange happenings are just too weird to explain. And, most recently, Ellis has footage of David creeping on the foot of his bed. I mean, come on, that's freaking terrifying.

David has also left behind a few nasty things, like an old marble, as well as a leather shoe. However, people on Reddit are starting to get a little bit skeptical. I mean it's all terrifying and we're totally sympathizing with Ellis on this one, but how realistic is David? Is this just another one of Ellis' artistic masterpieces? Does David look fake AF? Here's what Reddit had to say about it.

Reddit user Vondrr posted the video below, in which David's latest appearances are analyzed. He speculates whether David is real or if it's just Ellis' artwork — which he feels is slightly inconsistent — based on Ellis' latest photos.

The narrator of the video found it particularly unusual that David was shirtless in Ellis' initial illustration of the boy, but in the photos, he is wearing a striped shirt. He also feels that Ellis' narrative might seem scripted, and believes Ellis could just be marketing himself as an artist. The narrator says,

Maybe this is a case of our new few hauntings being actively and throughly investigated... or maybe its just a case of another modern phenomenon: viral marketing.

On the other hand, Reddit user Phaylen believes that Dear David is just a super elaborate hoax, which they analyze in each of Ellis' new updates. Between pointing out the possible reflection of a black sheet in the doorway of the darkened polaroid, to speculating whether or not the actual photo of David is merely a photograph of a jointed resuscitation doll, we may or may not have to side with this person. Oh, and they found an early cartoon of Ellis' that was taken down from Buzzfeed, which may or may not prove that Ellis might have actually designed David years ago.

So whether you think that Ellis is just a talented artist with a knack for marketing, or if you feel like it's just a well-designed hoax, "Dear David" will never stop being a super addicting and spooky-AF vice, because either way, we're definitely gonna keep following it.

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