Jimin Sang "Promise" Live During The Golden Disk Awards, So Prepare For Your Heart To Burst

What a time to be alive, ARMY! BTS is out here smashing every musical record imaginable while also somehow finding time to simultaneously attend every award show on the face of the Earth and produce new music as gifts for fans. For example, somehow, in the midst of their Love Yourself World Tour, several year-end award shows, and a few music festival appearances, Jimin managed to find the time to record a record-breaking solo debut with his new surprise track, "Promise." Like, I'm having a hard time believing there's just one of each member of BTS. Seriously, how can they not each have a twin that takes their place at their various commitments while they take a much-deserved nap? (JK, I know they're all just exceptionally hardworking.) But speaking of "Promise," this clip of Jimin singing "Promise" live at the 2019 GDAs will make you so emotional.

Jimin, Jungkook, V, RM, Suga, Jin, and J-Hope have been busy the past couple of days prepping for their appearances at the 2019 Golden Disk Awards. Although they didn't perform at the first ceremony on Jan. 5, they did show up looking like a million bucks with a sexy surprise: a new Hyundai ad they premiered during the show. And don't worry — they're slated to perform at the Jan. 6 ceremony.

But just to give you some kind-of-confusing background on award shows in South Korea, depending on the show, they often have "pre-recordings" that take place before the actual show where the celebs on the lineup pre-record a portion, if not all, of their set in front of a live audience. Then, using TV magic, those pre-recordings are spliced into the live show that takes place shortly after. That might surprise you, but fans love the practice since even if you don't get tickets to the actual award show, you may still be able to see your faves perform by snagging free tickets to a pre-recording session.

Well, the 2019 Golden Disk Awards had a pre-recording according to fans on Twitter, and the lucky ARMY who attended it on Jan. 5 were surprised with the ultimate treat from Jimin.

See, when a member of BTS drops a solo project outside of an album like Jimin did on Dec. 31, 2018, it's not often fans get to actually see or hear the member in question perform the track live, unless it's for a super special occasion (like when V and Jin performed "It's Definitely You" for FESTA).

But at the Golden Disk Awards pre-recording, fans were blessed when, according to accounts from those who attended, RM asked Jimin to sing a little bit of the Drake-record-breaking "Promise" for fans during a break in filming — and Jimin just casually obliged.

Ummmm, WHAT?! If I knew this was going to happen, I'd have booked the first flight to Korea and bribed my way into that pre-recording like:

And my fellow i-ARMY can relate. They all took to Twitter to express the sheer agony they felt knowing K-ARMYs got to experience the wonder of Jimin's live "Promise" vocals that they, presumably, never would.

But you can wipe away your tears, i-ARMY. Lucky for us, the K-ARMY came through for us, because fans captured the live vocals and posted them to Twitter.

And now, upon hearing Jimin's sweet, live version of "Promise," fans are definitely not OK. Just look at their reactions on Twitter:

If you think I'll ever listen to anything other than Jimin singing "Promise" live ever again, you, my friend, are dead wrong.