This New Whiskey & Cheese Pairing App Will Make You Feel Seen

There are certain culinary combinations out there which were basically made for each other: peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, and, of course, wine and cheese are just a few of my favorites. But one dairy-alcohol combination in the realm of refreshments is highly underrated, and luckily, there's an app that guides you on how to pair them for yourself. So, if you haven't already used this Cheese Pairings app, it teaches you how to combine your favorite cheeses with different whiskies. It's absolutely amazing, and to be completely honest, I'll definitely need it this holiday season.

Don't get me wrong — I will eat wine and cheese (and more wine... and maybe even a little more cheese) until the world ends. But Britain's trade association, Dairy UK, created a new app called Cheese Pairings, according to Food And Wine, and it's completely transformed any and all of my at-home happy hours. All it does is simply teaches users how to pair 50 different kinds of British cheeses with expert-recommended whiskies and ports, making for the most amazing appetizers, revolutionary refreshments, and, of course, for the most sensual snack experience of your entire life. Count me in.

Luckily for the less tech-oriented users out there, simply looking to get in on the fun, using the Cheese Pairing app is extremely straight-forward. In fact, according to the "About" section on Cheese Pairing's website, you can browse different types of British cheeses, learn about their flavor profiles, discover which flavors match, and find the best cheese to pair with your favorite beverages, in just a matter of seconds. Sounds pretty nifty, right?

This glorious smartphone application is currently available for free in any and all of the "relevant" app stores, according to Food And Wine, but if you don't happen to own a smart device, you have absolutely nothing to worry about it. That's right — Dairy UK also created a Cheese Pairing website, which you're free to login to and browse to your heart's content.

Judith Bryans, Dairy UK's Chief Executive, said that the app is extremely creative, and it's a lot of fun to use, according to Food And Wine. The best part, however, is how much it highlights the versatility of U.K. cheeses.

According to Food And Wine, Bryans said:

Our innovative and fun app is the first of its kind to pair cheese with whiskies. We can often forget just how versatile British cheeses are and that they make a great pairing not just with wine, but a whole range of other foods and drink.

Luckily, Dairy UK is not simply stopping at cheese and whisky pairings. In fact, according to Food And Wine, the app is already promising to expand to offer other cheese-alcohol pairing ideas, which could include anything from wine, to beer, gin, and even vodka. Sounds like a party to me.

There's nothing better than kicking back with a glass of whiskey with a side of cheese, but sometimes, determining the best combinations can be tricky. Luckily, Cheese Pairing is giving stellar recommendations, to make any and all happy hours the happiest they can be. Cheers!