5 Wise Pieces Of Advice From Older Sisters About Having Your Heart Broken

There’s nothing quite like the bond between sisters. I only have a brother, so I can’t completely relate, but my mom and her sister have been BFFs their whole lives, and I can’t lie, I’m a bit jealous. I wish I had an older sister to run to for advice when my crush doesn’t like me back, or to offer comfort when a relationship goes sour. But since I don’t have a sis of my own, I wanted to find another way to get some breakup advice from older sisters, so I talked to these women who have serious wisdom to share.

The great thing about having a sister to lean on after a breakup is that she’ll always tell it to you just like it is. Sisters know that sugar-coating a situation never helps anyone in the long run, so they’re not afraid to lay it all out there. After all, you’re stuck with them whether you want to hear their advice or not! In the throes of an awful breakup, an older sister will offer you a listening ear and also a dose of reality. She’s been through it all, and she knows that while breakups suck, there’s a whole lot of joy in your future if you know where to look. Trust me — you don’t want to miss these wise words.

Tough Love
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I texted a guy to ask him to a date party, and a couple hours later he hadn’t responded … I told my sister I was feeling worried, and in a very typical Alex manner, she said, 'Well, not to be brusque, but you’ve had guys reject you before and it was fine' … which was not maybe a warm and fuzzy sentiment, but I can sometimes get a little (a lot) of tunnel vision when it comes to boys, and she helped yank me out of that so I could move on with my life!

— Abigail, 20

Worth The Wait
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People see what they want to see, but it’s the ones that listen to you and allow your words to reshape their perspective that are worth keeping. You can waste your time with a convenient 'maybe,' or you can wait to be available for when a mystical 'definitely' appears.

— Sam, 25

Cut Them Off
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She told me to not talk to him for a week like she did [with her boyfriend] ... when I did not listen and kept talking to him. The communication died since we were not together, and it ended. I guess it was good advice since they have been together for years!

— Colleen, 18

Distractions Can Help
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Even if this seems like the worst thing that's ever happened to you, it won't always feel this way. Time helps. So in the meantime, go hang out with friends, go for a run, go to a party, whatever — just do something! Once you're having fun doing something else, the breakup won't sting quite as much.

— Hannah, 25

Live Your Best Life
You deserve the very best in the world! And that breakups happen because the person wasn't right for you in one way or another, so look at it as a blessing instead of as heartbreak. It wasn't meant to be! You'll learn from it, move on and find someone else who will give you everything you need and deserve. It hurts, but give yourself time to mourn, heal, and get back up. Don't wallow for too long. You deserve to live your best life!

— Veronica, 24

Feeling better yet? Sisterly love is the best remedy for a broken heart. Remember that no matter how much it hurts now, you'll learn and grow from this in the long run. Sometimes our biggest lessons in life come from times of pain or sadness, and this will lead to something better later on. You've got this, girl, and you are worth all the love!