I Tried The New Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation & Took A Record Amount Of Selfies After

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Courtesy of Bella Gerard
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I'll be honest: When I first heard Anastasia Beverly Hills was dropping a new foundation, I didn't stop what I was doing and try to place an order. I was already using a foundation I capital-L Loved, so I was in a "nothing can top my Holy Grail" mindset that I was sure couldn't be changed. However, now that I've given it a go, I'm bringing you this Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation Review to let you know how wrong I was; this foundation rocks. And guess what else? The accompanying powder rocks. Did I see this coming? No. Am I prepared to tell everyone I know, so that we can all have bomb skin forever? Absolutely; that's why you're reading this.

ICYMI, Anastasia Beverly Hills announced two brand new products at the start of August: the Luminous Foundation ($38, and the Loose Setting Powder ($36, Because I've always associated the brand with eyes and brows — Modern Renaissance was the palette to really make me fall in love with eyeshadow, and the brand's history of iconic brow products basically goes without saying. Peace, love, Dip Brow — I didn't have any overwhelming expectations when it came to the new base products.

That said, I decided to give them a go when the brand generously sent over the foundation in shade "270C" and the powder in shade "Banana":

First off, let's talking packaging. The foundation comes in a sleek, rectangular glass bottle with a pump and a black cap, and I'm obsessed with the way the word "FOUNDATION" is written down the side. So fun! It definitely stands out in my drawer, but still feels classy and not too trendy or wild. Big fan.

Cute, right?

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

As for the powder, in the words of my icon, Lizzo, "she's a big b*tch!". No, really, this is the biggest tub of powder I've ever seen, and it feels extra AF in all the right ways. I'm not normally a fan of loose setting powders, so I was particularly skeptical of this product, but spoiler alert, she's a new fave.

I mean, how could I reach for anything else?

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

Another thing to note: The holes that dispense the product are also supersized, so handle with care and don't flip it over unless you want a lot of powder:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

Anyway, let's jump to the reason we're all here: the try-on! For reference, my skin is combination, and my cheeks and around my mouth have some light scarring from years of cystic acne. I typically like a foundation that covers them up, but because I don't want to look ~too~ cakey, I appreciate when I can really build it up in those areas only.

Here I am makeup-free, please don't show this photo to any cute boys you know, thanks:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

And here's an up-close look at my cheek and some minor scarring, plus one small, active blemish down by my chin:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

Upon application, I noticed a few things. First, the foundation feels light as air on the skin, but it dries down quickly, so you need to work fast. Second, for my face, it took quite a few pumps to cover (Like, maybe four or five!), but honestly, the amount dispensed seemed like less than than that of most foundations, so this didn't bother me. The first coat covered everything but the one darkest scar on my cheek, and by coat number two, I was thrilled. I skipped adding extra concealer over my scars (!), concealed my under eye area, and used the powder to set my face, adding extra beneath my eyes.

Not going to lie, I looked really pretty. Can I say that? I ~felt~ really pretty, too:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

As I took the above selfie, the voice in my head confirmed, "This is my new favorite foundation." And she wasn't wrong! The application was easy, the finish really suited my combo skin, and the coverage was on point. Although it's called the "Luminous" Foundation, my face didn't look overly glowy, and I also didn't need to powder my T-zone after a few hours like I normally do. I honestly looked airbushed, and I hate when people say that, because I'm often thinking, "No way that's true."

The only note I have is that it settled a bit in my smile lines, the beginnings of which you can ever-so-slightly detect in this image:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

This happens to me with most foundations, and because I didn't use a primer before application, I made a mental note to apply a line-filling primer around my mouth for next time.

Buy y'all, can we talk about how smooth my under eye area looks with this powder? I am always a cakey, creased mess around my eyes, but not with this formula:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

I love, love, love the foundation, and I've worn it every day since I first tried it out, but the powder? Honey, she's a new Holy Grail-er. Like I said, it's been a minute since I really fell for a loose powder, but this one blew me away, and now I understand why it's got such a big container — it's the only product I need in my powder drawer, so it can take up as much space as it wants. If you want to shop either of my new face faves, you can check them out now on the ABH site, and find them everywhere else come August 15.

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