Anastasia Beverly Hills Just Announced A Glowy New Foundation & I'm Ready To Give Them All My Money

Truly, there is no better day for a beauty-lover such as I than one that includes a new foundation announcement. Nothing makes my heart skip a beat like a new bottle of skin-toned something I've never seen before, and as with every new launch, I've got questions aplenty. At the top of my mind right this second are the following: when does the Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation drop, where can I buy it, and how many bottles can I justify buying despite knowing absolutely nothing about it? Full disclosure, it doesn't take much to make me want to try a new foundation. That said, if you are curious as to the deets, read on for more info on the formula, shade range, pricing, et cetera.

Real talk, Anasasia Beverly Hills has been going so hard on the eye game — their numerous iconic palettes, the brand new liquid liner — that I honestly didn't see this foundation coming. I'm not mad, though, believe me! In fact, I'm downright thrilled. "We are so excited to announce the launch of our Luminous Foundation," ABH wrote on Instagram, where they showed the first look at the product, which comes in a black-topped glass bottle with the word "FOUNDATION" across the front.

So different, so chic:

As the name implies, the Luminous Foundation is not exactly matte. The brand describes the medium-coverage formula as having a "natural finish that looks and feels like glowing gorgeous skin," but it definitely leans towards the dewier end of the spectrum. Oily-skinned ladies, be sure to set this one with a powder or prep with a mattifying primer!

As for shade range, the brand has already posted models in all 50 shades. I see you putting in work, ABH!

Within the 50 shade range are five categories: Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, and Deep. There will also be three undertones — Neutral, Cool, and Warm — indicated by N, C, or W, respectively, after the shade number.

BTW, ABH's brand president, Norvina, also showed off some videos of the packaging on her Twitter, if you're curious:

"The finish is natural and luminous, The best description is going to be those videos. We have over 20 of them to post," Norvina repied to a fan who tweeted her asking for more info. 20 videos? Yeah,it's safe to say I'll be following Norvina on Twitter ASAP. I need to be kept in the loop!

But wait, there's more! ABH is also launching a powder to accompany the new foundation. Meet the Loose Setting Powder:

Described as "butter smooth," this powder comes in five shades and is meant to tame oil without looking dry, especially underneath the eyes, where dry, creased product is a major no-no. They're gluten and oil-free, as well as cruelty-free and vegan, and they retails for $36 a pop. Not too shabby, ABH! The powder will drop on the ABH website on August 4, when an early preview at Ulta will also go live before launching everywhere else August 15. The foundation will retail for $38 a bottle, and will be available on August 15 online and in stores, with an early preview at Ulta starting August 4. Mark your calendars, people! Anastasia Beverly Hills is not playing games this summer, and the ABH takeover begins in August.