This 'American Vandal' Season 2 Easter Egg Is A Perfect Throwback To Season 1

There is barely any connective tissue between the characters and stories of the first and second seasons of American Vandal, but the newly released season did include some subtle references to its first season that will definitely pique the interest of eagle-eyed viewers. No, unfortunately we don't get to hear from Dylan Maxwell, Christa Carlyle, Alex Trimboli, or any of the Season 1 characters again, but there is an American Vandal Season 2 easter egg that will subtly remind fans of the show about its first big mystery... which is still technically unsolved.

Since the new season of American Vandal focuses on a completely new mystery, in a completely new setting, with a completely new set of characters, it can actually get kind of easy to forget that this is the same show that had us all asking "Who drew the d*cks?" last year. Actually, some of us are still asking that (even though it was pretty heavily implied that Christa Carlyle was the culprit). But although Peter Maldonado and Sam Ecklund have moved on to a new mystery, the creative team behind the show still threw in some winks to remind fans of the first season's big mystery.

A fan on Reddit pointed out a particularly notable new character name in Season 2: police detective Carla Dickey. The character seems to be a pretty obvious throwback to the Season 1 mystery, which revolved around finding out who drew d*cks on a bunch of cars.


And this definitely does not seem to be a coincidence, especially given the fact that American Vandal seems to have a knack for hiding important words in its character names. After the show's first season, fans began to notice that the show was spelling out who the true culprit was right in front of their eyes. The heavily implicated but technically never confirmed culprit Christa Carlyle's last name breaks down into the words "car" and "liar." But that was not even the biggest nominal revelation: Viewers also realized that Christa's boyfriend, Van Delorey, has an even more suspicious name. I mean, the show is called American Vandal and the writers pretty much actually named one of their characters "Vandal."

Because of these big name revelations from Season 1, some fans were paying very close attention to character names in Season 2. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that any of the new characters have telling names this time around, although some viewers did point out that the emojis used by the Turd Burglar include a cat and a fish along with all the poop emojis, which was probably signaling us to an important catfishing element that become apparent in the final couple of episodes.

There also are not too many other references to the show's first season, aside from this subtle naming wink of Carla Dickey. There is, however, a third character from Season 1 who reappears in the new season alongside Peter and Sam, although he remains almost entirely unseen. One fan caught Season 1 standout Ming Zhang filming the action at St. Bernardine's for the documentary, and he's credited as a cameraman for Peter and Sam as they sleuth out the Turd Burglar mystery.