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This Playlist For Decorating Your Christmas Tree Is Here For The Season


Once your Thanksgiving leftovers are put away and your extended family hits the road, you go into full-on Christmas mode. You might start pulling out your boxes filled with tinsel, garland, and sparkly ornaments, and organizing the colorful lights that'll end up on your tree. Before you really start decking your halls, though, you should queue up this 2019 Christmas tree decorating playlist.

After all, you want to feel as festive as possible, and that requires music that will put you in the right #mood. In the past, you might have listened to the entire Frozen soundtrack with your roommates while stringing lights over your front door, or danced to Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" while placing snowman-shaped candles around your kitchen. But this year, in addition to your favorite hits, you may want to incorporate some newer ones as well that'll set the tone.

You want to give ornaments a home on your tree while singing along to a single from the Jonas Brothers, or learn the lyrics to love songs that may end up in rom-coms. That's where this 2019 tree decorating playlist comes in, and brings the magic of Christmas into your life.

"Like It's Christmas" By Jonas Brothers

First, while you're decorating your tree this winter, turn on this merry and bright single from the Jonas Brothers. It'll spread the holiday cheer into every room of your apartment in New York City. It'll also make you feel like the season of ornaments and candy canes will last forever.

"Make It To Christmas" By Alessia Cara

Are you not sure where you and your crush stand? If so, then you may want to blast Alessia Cara's holiday track on your most jolly days to come. It tells the story of a couple who's on pretty thin ice, but is holding on for presents, mistletoe, and all the magic of Christmas. It's the perfect jam for those who have been anxiously awaiting Dec. 25 all year too.

"Ribbons And Bows" By Kacey Musgraves

According to Glamour, Kacey Musgraves is hosting a Christmas special this year on Amazon Prime Video. It'll be available to watch starting Nov. 29, 2019, and you can expect to see Lana del Rey, Zooey Deschanel, Kendall Jenner, and Troye Sivan on your screen, among other artists, actors, and celebs. Get ready for it by listening to Musgraves' holiday hit "Ribbons and Bows" while decorating your Christmas tree.

"Lover (First Dance Remix)" By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift recently dropped a new remix of her romantic and magical song, "Lover". It's made for couples, like you and your SO, who are decorating their tree in their first apartment or getting ready to say their vows. In fact, the very first lyric of the entire song is: "We could leave the Christmas lights up 'til January." How perfect, huh?

"Lights Up" By Harry Styles

The Christmas tree isn't the only thing you're decorating this year. You're stringing twinkly lights everywhere you can, including above your kitchen table and on the railing leading upstairs. It's only right, then, that you listen to Harry Styles' "Lights Up" while you deck the halls and brighten up your space.

"Love You More At Christmas Time" By Kelly Rowland

To some people, everything seems jollier around the holidays. They don't mind the lines of traffic near the mall, because the stores are decked out with garland and hosting big sales. Even their tangled Christmas lights don't bug them very much. If this sounds like you, then put this song from Kelly Rowland on your new playlist. It'll speak to the never-ending joy you get from the wrapping paper, peanut butter cups, and stockings over your fireplace.

"Some Things Never Change" From 'Frozen 2'

The world has been #blessed with another Frozen movie. That means there's also a new soundtrack of upbeat songs and mystical ballads you need to hear, memorize, and belt out during the holidays. Do yourself a favor and start with "Some Things Never Change."

"Little Drummer Boy" By Pentatonix

The way the five singers in this talented group harmonize holiday classics is straight-up magical, and will likely give you chills when you're decorating your tree. Put "Little Drummer Boy" on before you open up your boxes of ornaments and channel your inner elf.

"Last Christmas" By Wham!

You have to listen to "Last Christmas" by Wham! this year when you're putting decorations on your tree. Why? This song is a classic, and it's currently making an appearance in the new holiday film starring Emilia Clarke called Last Christmas. If you turn it on, you'll instantly be swept away into the love and possibilities of the season. You may also be inspired to cuddle up on the couch and turn on your favorite films after setting up your Christmas tree.