These Are The "Mistakes" You Make During A Workout, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Georgina Berbari

Learning about the positive characteristics of your zodiac sign can help you thrive in so many different ways, from your love life to your fitness routine, and everything in between. But let's be real: Astrology can most definitely reveal where you're flawed, as well, which can be incredibly helpful when it comes to correcting minor mistakes in life. When it comes to sweating it out, the things you're doing wrong at the gym, or even in your home workouts, can totally be determined by your zodiac sign, believe it or not.

For the record, these "mistakes" aren't the end of the world, and they don't, in any way, discount all of your hard work, #BootyGains, or sweaty satisfaction you get from your workout routine.

But we all have areas where we could improve, and the weaknesses revealed by your astrological sign might just tie into your pre-workout, post-workout, and even mid-workout blunders.

Getting a glimpse into those not-so-great habits you may have formed over time will help you take your fitness game to the next level — or, you know, help you stop annoying all of your fellow gym-goers.

Remember to take these tips with a grain of salt, and maybe even use the information below to poke some fun at yourself (or your Scorpio BFF, because she seriously needs to calm down on the ab mat).

Here are a few fitness "mistakes" you might be making, according to your zodiac sign. And hey, if you want a little pick-me-up after reading this, check out all the positive things the stars say you're doing during your sweat sesh.

Aries Has A Habit Of Being Too Impulsive

Everyone knows that heading to happy hour right before SoulCycle is a big no-no, but you're an Aries, and TBH, you just can't help yourself.

According to a 2014 study published in Sports Medicine, any type of alcoholic beverage can negatively affect your muscles' ability to recover after an injury.

Look, I get it, being impulsive is the spice of life, but cabernet comes after cardio, OK?

Taurus, You Have An All-Or-Nothing Perspective On Working Out

A Taurus tends to either give her all or absolutely nothing when it comes to working out, so remember that even just 10 minutes of sprints or a quick core circuit can still go a seriously long way.

Remember, the little things add up in the long run!

Gemini Is A Know-It-All, Even Though They Don't Actually Know It All

If a Gemini is unsure of how to use equipment in the weight room, they'll probably just wing it and hope for the best, because they are the "master" of everything, including fitness, or so they think.

Google is not the enemy, dear Gemini.

Cancers Are Often Prone To Injuries

Cancers have a tendency to get so into their workouts that they forget to watch out for their own safety.

However, Cancers can prevent their copious amounts of contusions by always warming up and cooling down. (I see you sneaking away right after hopping off the elliptical, girl.)

Dynamic stretches such as arm swings and twist lunges are your new BFF.

Leos Are Known To Skip The Warm-Up

Speaking of skipping the warm-up, Leos can be pompous as hell and think that they can dive right into a sweat sesh with a stiff body.

Take a few minutes to incorporate both static and dynamic stretches, woman. It won't kill you!

Virgos Don't Change It Up, Ever

It's important to change up your workout routine every now and then, but Virgo is definitely not the best at this.

However, they are major germaphobes and pretty much obsessed with cleanliness, so at least you'll never have to worry about a Virgo trying to sneak away without wiping down a sweaty machine.

Libras Are People-Pleasers

Even if it doesn't feel good for their body, if someone tells a Libra the "right" way to work out, they'll follow right along, just because.

Libra, it's time to do you for once! You'll see so much more progress in the gym once you do, and people will love you regardless, I promise.

Scorpios Get Weirdly Sexual When It Comes To Their Workout

If you ever see someone being extra AF on the ab mat, it's a Scorpio, guaranteed.

They have no problem with the post-workout stretch, but, like, it's really not necessary to hold a full split for 10 minutes and low-key moan while you're spread-eagle.

Plus, stretching too much, or past the point of discomfort, can lead to injury, so if this resonates with you, take it easy with the low lunges.

Sagittarius Needs To Be The Star At All Times

Sagittarius is the biggest show-off in the weight room, even when their form is not exactly prime.

Fitness isn't about appearances, and you have to remember to make yourself feel good instead of just flaunting what you're best at.

Capricorns Will Wait An Eternity To Shower After A Workout

Listen, Capricorn, I feel you. I want to live in my yoga pants, too. But keeping your sweaty leggings on hours after a sweat sesh could lead to uncomfortable yeast infections and bacteria build-up.

I think all the signs can agree that an itchy vagina is basically hell on earth.

Aquarius Tries Too Hard To Help Everyone Around Them

If someone comes up to you and corrects your form, you can bet it's an Aquarius.

They're ultimately doing it out of the goodness of their heart, but it's time to focus on yourself, Aquarius. Save your helpful nature for outside the gym, like when your friend is knee-deep in tequila shots at the bar.

Pisces Might Smoke A Joint Before A Sweat Sesh

Oh, Pisces. You should know, that it's probably not the best idea to try an intense new workout class after a fat blunt. This is because marijuana increases your heart rate by 20 to 100 percent shortly after taking a couple of hits. Not to scare you, but a heart attack wouldn't be out of the cards in this case.

Save that Mary Jane for after your sweat sesh, dear Pisces.