In Order To Find Yourself In Your 20s, You Should Really Let Go Of These 10 Things

Your 20s can be filled with some of the most trying and incredibly rewarding times there are to be had in life. You're shaping your identity, and as much as you may fumble at times, the end goal is always to stay true to yourself. You'll need to shed a few obstacles that could be holding you back from reaching your goal, though. You should start thinking about those things to let go of in your 20s now, so that the journey to finding who you are is that much easier and more fulfilling.

We are all wandering down our own paths towards discovering what we really want most out of this thing called life, but we can all ultimately get rid of the same things. There's a general ballpark of stuff we can all relate to and we would be so much better living without. Again, your 20s is a time for growth and also outgrowing.

You'll need to leave some stuff behind so that you can reach your full, blossoming potential. Eliminating excess baggage is truly essential, and you'll feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. The earlier you take note of these things the better, and who knows, maybe you already ditched a bunch of points on this list. If so, kudos to you.

The Constant Need To Please Someone

There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting other people to feel good, but if it's at the expense of expending yourself to agonizing lengths, this has got to go. Your needs and wants need to come first. All relationships are two-way streets, after all.


Sure, drama is amazing to watch unfold on television shows, but in your life, it is such a waste of energy. Steer clear of drama and you'll save yourself so many headaches. Drama doesn't benefit you in any way, seriously.

The Friend Who Only Takes And Never Gives

You need to peep who you really call your friends in your 20s. A friend who only ever seems to take things from you — and rarely gives — isn't worth your time or effort. You deserve so much better, and they don't deserve to have such a gem in their life.

Plans About Your Future That Are Not Your Own

It's great if your parents have your 10-year plan jotted down for you, but it's not always necessarily something you want to do. You have to live for yourself because you are directly affected by the moves you make or don't make. Live your best life, however you see fit.

A Toxic Roommate

Just because a roommate manages to pay their part of the rent, that doesn't mean they are all rainbows and butterflies. If your roommate is a living nightmare, it's time to move on. No one deserves to make your living space intolerable with their bad vibes. You should be excited to get back to your apartment after a long day at work, and not dreading it.

Grudges That Have Gone On For Too Long

You may hear that saying about being the bigger person all of the time, but it's so true. Holding a grudge is only poisoning your chances of moving forward. Even if you never received an apology from another person, forgive yourself for holding onto that negative energy and keep it pushing.

A Job You Are Not Happy In

Despite common belief, you can actually love the work you do and the place you work. If you are not happy with your job, make adjustments so you can find where your true calling is. Staying in a place just to pay the bills will be so agonizing for your spirit.

A Relationship That's Draining You

Don't get me wrong — having a solid relationship in your 20s can be such a blessing. But if you are in a relationship that seems to be way more work than pleasure, it may be time to call it quits. You can't expect to find yourself if all that you have is being leached by a relationship that's no good for you.

Posting Your Every Move On Social Media

Venting on social media has done some good in the past, but posting your every single move is beyond exhausting. Besides, you'll feel super bombarded by people and their opinions on your life. Do yourself a favor and live your life instead of posting it.

The Want For Everything To Go According To Plan

There isn't a solid agenda that your life and age need to abide by. You don't need to be in your career by 25, nor do you need to be married by the time you're about to hit 30. Your life is going according to how you want to live it, and the only thing that needs to go to plan is how happy you are with how it's unfolding.

Finding yourself in your 20s is a journey that's going to have its ups and downs as you go along. Make sure you rid yourself of any baggage that's only going to hold you back.