6 Reasons Why Letting Go Of Friends Who Use You Is The Best Gift To Give Yourself

The holiday spirit has many uplifting and cleansing qualities. It's a time to be genuine and true to yourself and others. But as you get older, you realize that not everyone you've met is supposed to remain your friend. Letting go of friends who use you is the shiniest, most valuable gift you could give yourself, because you become unweighted by people who do not deserve your kindness. This gift is extremely fulfilling, and you really can't put a price tag on that.

The idea of voluntarily letting go of friends doesn't sound fun, but eventually, you have to learn how to surround yourself with people who are there for you and not dramatically draining the life out of you. As time passes and the holidays are behind you, you probably won't even notice that these people aren't around, because they clearly weren't meant to stay with you for the long haul.

Gifts don't always have to be something we can pocket. In fact, a lesson learned is the gift that keeps on giving, and you'll be able to carry it forever. It's amazing how life-altering it can be to leave unnecessary people in the past and move on. If you aren't completely convinced, consider the different ways a shiny bow on top of friendships you cut ties with could be the absolute best gift to yourself.

You'll Feel More Energetic

When you get rid of people who only use you, you'll find that you have a lot more energy. Moochers have a way of taking our mental, emotional, and physical energy. Honestly, they will take whatever they can get, and once you cut that endless flow of friendship you undoubtedly always provide, you save yourself from being completely spent.

You Can Concentrate On The People Who Truly Matter

The holidays are about being close to people who matter to you. When you stop giving your time and energy to people who have no intention of giving you anything equatable in return, you save your holiday spirit for the friends and family members who always have your back. You'll find that the holidays will be so much more rewarding when you're surrounded by people who simply just want to be around you, for you.

You Won't Feel Unappreciated

There's nothing worse than feeling under-appreciated around the holidays. Cutting out these toxic people will undoubtedly have your spirits lifted and you won't have to face that fear of being unrecognized for your kindness. Of course, no one expects a gold star for being thoughtful around the holidays, but these friends probably don't acknowledge anything that you do for them.

You Have One Less New Year's Resolution

Every year, people think of something to help cleanse themselves of unappealing things from the passing year. You'll have one less New Year's resolution if you cut these people out of your life. And even if it didn't seem like it would come to this, you'll face the brand new year with a lot less baggage and a whole lot more optimism.

You Cherish The True Meaning Of Friendship

The holidays automatically give us a case of the feels. Blame it on the endless amount of generosity that is overflowing around us.

When you weed out those unneeded friends, those endearing qualities of the friends you should keep shine brighter than ever. They're the epitome of what friendship is, and you eat that sh*t up.

You Establish So Much Self-Worth

Isn't it ironic that self-worth can be established when we let go of something that we are incredibly used to? It's like when you get older you realize that not everything and everyone placed in your life is supposed to stay there. There's always room for growth, and the kind that has to do with yourself should be more than welcome.

Just because we are entering the winter months, that doesn't mean we can't engage in some spring cleaning. Letting go of friends who you no longer need in your corner, is better than any gift Santa could bring you.