8 Types Of Friends You Inevitably Need To Let Go Of Before Hitting 30

by Tessa Harvey
Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash

You've probably known many of your close friends for what seems like forever; long enough to have shared rough nights, happy cries, and plenty of laughs together.

But, there are some friendships you just have to let go of.

If your 20s is a time of living in the moment, your 30s may signal the beginning of consistency and a bit more practicality.

By the time you hit 30, you should be surrounded by genuine people who reflect your values and your heart.

Here are the eight types of friends to let go of before you turn 30. It doesn't have to be today or tomorrow, but the sooner, the better.

1. The Melodramatic

This is the friend who's always having some sort of *extremely dramatic* meltdown.

She's the girl you're texting one, two, three, or 10 times a day to help her chill out... and girl, it's taking away from your own success. It's time to cut the cord ASAP.

2. The "I'm Way Too Busy For You" Friend

The "I'm way too busy to pencil you into my schedule" friend sucks because she's probably been a good friend to you at some point.

But, if she's so busy that you haven't seen her in months even though you live in the same city... that friendship is sucking energy out of your real friendships.

3. The Debbie Downer

Unlike number 2, this friend is probably always up to hang out, but when you do, you're in for a long night.

The Debbie Downer likes to use her friend time as more than a vent session; she straight up complains about every possible thing. You don't need that negativity in your life.

4. The Wanderer

Jean Frederic Fortier

This friend really hates the idea of staying in one place long-term.

It's OK to be friends with her from a distance, but don't plan on being besties. It's way too hard on you to put effort into a relationship you don't often see fulfilled.

5. The Bully

TBH, this is a friend you should have ditched a long time ago, but it's tough distancing yourself from people in your close circle.

The bully is known for her sneaky jabs and negative comments about you, your life, and your appearance. Do yourself and your well-being a favor, and say goodbye to this one for good.

6. The Snake

The snake will be a friend to you... until it comes time to be loyal, and then she's nowhere to be found.

Don't spend too much time with her at his point, because what use is a friend if you can't trust them?

7. The "I'll Figure It Out" Friend

This friend seems to have everything going for them, but isn't motivated to do anything.

She tends to skip opportunities, blow off plans, and just take the day as it comes. These things can be good in moderation, but now is the time to let this friendship fade to black.

8. The Ghoster

We all know ghosting sucks, but it kind of hurts even more when it's from a friend.

This friend might make plans with a few times, but never follows through, and half of the time, you can't even get a text back from her at all.

Let her do her thing, and ghost her way out of your life.