These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Start A Fight On Valentine's Day

I know what you're thinking: Why would anyone fight on Valentine's Day? Personally, I believe it's a combination of the expectations you unconsciously have, along with the celebratory butterflies you get on the side. Perhaps that isn't the specific case for you, but these zodiac signs are most likely to fight on Valentine's Day: Aries, Taurus, and Scorpio. Who knows? You might be one of those people who secretly enjoys bickering back and forth with your SO. Either way, you're not alone. Valentine's Day is like every other day and holiday. The most important thing to do is be yourself, especially if you're in a serious relationship.

If you just so happen to get into a mindless quarrel with your Valentine, speak your truth, but don't let your ego get in the way. This would actually make sense this year, considering the sun in Aquarius will be squaring off with the moon in Scorpio, which will naturally heighten emotions and bring tension. Sometimes your emotions will match your actions and sometimes they won't. This is precisely what happens when the sun and moon are at odds with one another. If you have personal planets in Scorpio or Aquarius, you will feel this more prominently.


Aries: You're Always Fighting, Even For Fun

Fighting is your favorite pastime, and Valentine's Day is no exception. In fact, knowing that you and your partner have the freedom to get creative with each other might be the very reason why you decide to pop off. You're always up for a good challenge, but that doesn't mean you'll go easy on anyone else. On the contrary, you know you're willing to fight for someone you care about, which is why you will purposely test your Valentine, just for the heck of it, until your ego completely takes the wheel. There's always an excuse to fight, but it's not every day you have someone who cares about you expressing their genuine affections.

Taurus: You're Possessive And Selective

Take it as a compliment that people — in this case your partner — can't seem to make sense of your irresistible aesthetic. It doesn't matter that it's Valentine's Day, especially when you have such selective taste. You're a child of Aphrodite and your idea of a gift is typically a lot more luxurious than your partner would like it to be, but it's all part of your charm. You know what you want and you'll stop at nothing to get it. Just make sure you don't undervalue what truly matters in the meantime. Your Venusian gifts of beauty are expressed in the physical dimension and in the world that exists all around you. Only you can decorate it.

Scorpio: You Test Your Relationship In Every Way

This is why your partners soon turn into victims of heartbreak, Scorpio. OK, that was really harsh, but you have to admit, your Plutonian essence steals souls for all eternity. However, your all-or-nothing personality is partly the reason why you unconsciously sabotage your relationships, as a way of staying in control. Valentine's Day is the perfect example of what I'm referring to. Knowing the people around you are celebrating with their loved ones is enough reason for you to challenge the resilience of your current relationship, along with the personality of your partner. It sounds tragic, but you wouldn't have it any other way. You're afraid to love and give your all because you love a lot harder than most, but that doesn't mean you should risk what you already have. Cherish it and put the toxic thinking patterns to rest.