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These White Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas Are Total Snow-stoppers

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Have yourself a merry little Christmas by shaking up your tree decor this year. Instead of a traditional pine or mountain spruce tree, consider opting for any of these white Christmas tree decorating ideas to turn your space into the snow-capped sanctuary of your holiday dreams.

Bringing white Christmas tree ideas in your home can help you create an entire celeb look. For example, you can channel your inner Mariah Carey with a completely white tree covered in warm fairy lights, reminiscent of the Christmas tree in the trailer for her Christmas special. By adding touches of copper and wood, you can even be tree twins with Julianne Hough. You won't be able to resist snapping a pic of your gorgeous tree, but when you do, your 'gram just might go (chest)nuts over how aesthetically-fresh your holiday decor is.

Your treetops will glisten and pop with these white Christmas tree ideas. Soon, all of your followers will also want a magical room that's decked in glitter and white with a celeb-worthy tree to match.

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A "Dreaming Of A White Christmas Tree" Look

First thing's first: You'll need a white Christmas tree. You can opt for an all-white tree, or a flocked snow tree that looks like it has freshly-fallen snow on it ($45, Bed Bath & Beyond).

An all-white tree is a unique backdrop to complement all your fancy ornaments. The green and white tree gives off a slightly more rustic look, as if you just chopped down your tree straight from a mystical forest and didn't have time to shake off the snow. Either choice will give you a crisp winter white feel, inviting a snowy feel into your home (minus the chill, of course).

A Celestial Christmas Tree That's Out Of This World

If you're looking for a unique tree to feature in your next Zoom call, this celestial-themed white Christmas tree is sure to make all your coworkers go starry-eyed. For a cosmic-inspired tree, crown your galaxy with an LED moon tree topper. You can add quartz crystal ornaments ($30, Arhaus) to show off your space-witch intuition. Or, you can add some of these gorgeously gold phases of the moon ornaments ($13, Etsy) to make your tree pop.

A Tree That Brings You Aboard The Polar Express

Bring a bit of the North Pole back to your living room with these polar bear-themed white Christmas tree ideas. You can wrap some faux snow ($12, Etsy) around your tree to get a real feel of the snowy times. Then, to make your winter wonderland come to life, add a few plush polar bears up, down, and all around the tree. Display them in action, as they play together, or make them look like they're crawling up towards the top for a whimsical white Christmas.

A Rustic Tree For A Dreamy Winter Cabin Feel

Brown paper packages aren't the only thing that get to be tied up with string. Adding some burlap bows is the perfect way to add some earthy tones to your white tree to create the Christmas winter cottage tree of your dreams.

You can make your own burlap bow to tie up your tree like a gift to your very own festive home, or decorate with twine Christmas ornaments ($7, Etsy) for a touch of the country. To really give your tree that cabin feel, add these pinecone ornaments ($13, Amazon) to feel cozy bundled next to your new tree. Don't forget tons and tons of white string lights.

A Coastal-Themed Tree Will Give Off A Beach Vibe

Feel the salty breeze with these nautical-themed white Christmas tree decorating ideas. This seashell in the shape of a Christmas tree is the cutest accessory to hang on your tree and give you all more holiday beach inspo. You can use this ornament as inspiration to put together a full white tree that looks just like the ornament. You can even add some coastal shell heart ornaments ($52, Pottery Barn) to really make your chic coastal Christmas tree glisten.

A Tree Farm Right In Your Own Living Room

Why not transform your living room into a mini white Christmas tree farm, complete with a cluster of white trees set up together? Fill your room with a few of these mini trees and some flora bunda's ($18, Nordstrom Rack) to bring a Christmas tree farm right into your own home. To make your forest glow, you can opt for this white tabletop tree ($40, Noma) that will light up your dining room.

A Snowman Tree Is A Playful Twist On Christmas

It's always so disappointing when your snowman melts as the season starts getting warmer. To keep your special snow friend around a little longer, you can turn your white Christmas tree into a frosty companion.

You can get this pre-lit snowman tree, or decorate your white tree with a snowman tree topper ($20, Wayfair), large black ornaments ($5, Target) to resemble buttons, and a scarf ($7, Amazon). To make the theme truly come to life, pepper some miniature snowmen ($6, Kohl's) around the room to give your tree some friends to chill with.

A Christmas Tree That Looks Like It's From An Enchanted Forest

If you're looking to create a magical fairy forest in your home, decorate your tree with some cottagecore-themed ornaments. The mushroom ornaments make your tree look like the ideal spot for foraging. You can add these fairy messengers ($14, Hallmark) to your tree to keep the mystical vibes going even more. Or, transport your tree to an enchanted forest with this LED deer head tree topper ($30, Nordstrom Rack).

A 'Frozen'-Themed Tree

"Do you want to build a snowman?" How about a Frozen-themed Christmas tree? To pull the whole look together, you can keep a blue and white color combo on your white tree by throwing on blue tinsel ($10, Target) and some blue icicles ($7, Oriental Trading) that'll make Christmas decorating a freeze this year.

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