Try these Instagram Valentine's Day 2021 filters to get in the holiday spirit.

These Valentine’s Day Instagram Filters Include A Zodiac Soulmate Predictor

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If you're ready to take all the loved-up photos possible in celebration of amore, you're in luck, because there are plenty of filters out there. Whether you're still feeling the sting of Cupid's bow or you're celebrating self-love, these Valentine's Day 2021 Instagram filters make it easy to send out some love. From options like heart eye makeup to a filter that predicts your zodiac soulmate, these IG filters will have you seeing hearts.

Although the days of gathering in classrooms and sharing a little paper Valentine's card with your crush may be gone, you can use Instagram's Valentine's Day filters to share the love with your BFFs, your SO, or to let people know ~you~ are the most important person in your life. To find the lovey-dovey filters on IG, you'll need to head to your Instagram camera and search the Effects Gallery. If you're looking to share some interactive fun, you may want to try one of the AR options available, including some that predict your V-Day gift or date. There are also a ton of glam ~lewks~ to capture the sweetness of the holiday.

To find something specific, it's best to search for a specific term like "heart glasses." Most of the filters below are easy to find when searching "Valentine's" in the Effects Gallery. If you want a specific filter you see below, the easiest way to track it down is to search the creator's name and look at their featured filter tab.

Here are some of the cutest (and fun!) options to get started with:

1. "Who's Your Valentine?"

The "Valentine's Day 2021" filter from @patriciahonciu is an AR predictor that shows you who your special someone is. Obviously, the results are totally random, so you can always retake the video if you don't like the answer.


2. Heart Freckles

For a glam filter option, go with this "black valentines" filter from @anastasia_miln. It's modern and subtle, with cute mini hearts in black that look like freckles and sparkles around your head.


3. "How Will I Spend Valentine's Day?"

This cute AR predictor "Valentine's Day" filter from @verynicefilters features Necco-style candy hearts above your head that predict how you will spend the holiday. There's also a slew of cute emojis, such as heart-eyed emojis, moving behind you.


4. Heart-Eyes

If you want to see hearts — literally — this "valentine's" filter from @polinasavekina gives you a pretty red glow on your cheeks and releases mini hearts every time you blink. The hearts travel around you, floating up to the sides of your face.


5. Brach's Official V-Day Filters

Brach's Candy has a "Your Valentine's Day" filter for 2021 taking inspiration from Conversation Hearts. This AR filter predicts "Your Valentine's Day In One Word" and uses its Conversation Hearts to get the message across.


6. Brach's Love Life Filter

Another IG filter from Brach's Candy is the "Heart Lens" which features a Conversation Hearts frame and a bucket of arrows with candy hearts as the tip. The arrows that fly at you describe your love life with the candy saying.


7. Red Makeup

This "Valentines Day" filter from @at.augmented features dark red lipstick, mini hearts on the cheeks, and a glad red eyeshadow.


8. Lipstick Kisses

The "Valentine's day" filter from @posh.muurr gives you multiple red lip marks across your face.


9. The Bernie Hearts

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) has garnered a ton of social media attention for his repeat outfit on Inauguration Day, and someone has even made a candy heart filter dedicated to him. The "bernie valentines" filter from @titsout4bernie features a crown of rotating candy hearts that say "Bernie" on them. It also says 2020 on it, but hey, nothing is ever perfect.


10. Present Guessing Game

OK, so nobody likes a snoop but there's nothing wrong with trying to guess what your boo is getting you for the holiday. The "Valentine's Roulette" filter by @publictheband flips through pink cards to reveal what you're getting as a gift.


11. Frame Of Roses

If you're looking for a romantic frame to use, look no further. This "Valentine's day" filter from @_k__m__n places a frame of red and white roses around you.


12. Who's Your Rom-Com Heroine

Called "Valentines Day," this AR predictor filter from @riverisland will match which leading lady from a rom-com you're most like, such as Bridget Jones from Bridget Jones Diary or Annie Walker from Bridesmaids.


13. Pink Floating Hearts

Created by Instagram user @helia_jalilnezhad, the "Hearts" filter featuring glowing pink hearts that float across the screen.


14. Zodiac Soulmate

The "zodiac lover" filter from @bungatiasyaira asks "Which star sign is your soulmate," before flipping through cards and landing on your zodiac match. Of course, this is all for fun, so you can take your answer with a huge grain of salt.


If you're into finding out which star sign is for you, you can also try the "Zodiac Soulmate" filter from @gabbykarina.

15. Starbucks V-Day

Starbucks is celebrating Valentine's Day with Uber Eats by sharing filters for Instagram, including the "Coffee Is Love" filter. Featuring the Starbucks and Uber Eats logos, floating hearts, and a colorful aura in pink, green, or purple, you can share your love of coffee to the 'Gram.


Starbucks also has two other V-Day filters, the "Sending Love" filter and the "Special Delivery" filter. You can find all of them from Starbucks' filter section on its IG account.

Whether you're updating your Story or sending these to your close friends, you'll feel the love with these V-Day IG filters.