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Snapchat's Valentine's Day Lenses Will Have You Feeling Rose-Colored All Day Long


Valentine's Day is here, folks! While it may be customary to show your love with flowers, chocolates, or cheesy paper cards from your local drug store, there's nothing wrong with sending your love and affection to someone digitally (it's 2020, after all). This year, Snapchat is making it easy to say happy Valentine's Day with a ton of lenses created just for the romantic occasion. Snapchat's Valentine's Day lenses will have you feeling sweet and rosy all day long.

This year, you can choose from 14 V-Day lenses to send to your Snapchat friends, as well as one really fun Snappable to send Valentine’s cards back and forth to your boo. The most interactive Lens this Valentine’s Day is an augmented reality teddy bear filter. Whether you take a picture or record a video, the teddy bear clings to your back with a sweet hug. Going with the teddy bear theme, there is also a Lens with teddy bear ears that sends out a heart when you blow a kiss.

There’s also a huge variety of heart-themed Lenses this year, but three of the best ones include one that puts freckles on your face, a black-and-white photo filter with a neon pink heart, and a cartoon filter that gives you giant heart eyes with hearts surrounding your head.

Snapchat/Tina Kolokathis

Another fun addition to Snapchat for Valentine’s Day includes a red roses Lens that surrounds you with falling rose petals. If you prefer a photo collage filter, the Happy Valentine’s filter splits the screen into four identical photos with alternating black and white and colored tones. If you just want to remind someone it’s Feb. 14, there’s a simple pink filter featuring a beating heart and the date in the left corner.

Snapchat also has a fun Snappable to send to your bae and your BFFs this year. The Valentine’s Snaps Snappable is to the left of the camera shutter. All you have to do is tap Start, then you’ll see a preview of the four different templates available to use. Tap through to select the one that you want. The templates include a cartoon heart with a heart-shaped photo border, a double-heart photo with a pink heart confetti background, an angel and devil heart template, and a pink heart and rose template. Each one says “Be My Valentine” after you snap your picture. To send it to someone, just take a selfie in the template you want, send it to their chat, and they’ll be able to snap you back with a photo of them added to the template.

When you're taking a break from snapping your bae, best friend, or mom (which is what I'll be doing), you can also enjoy Snapchat's pink Snap Map for Valentine's Day. Like previous years, you’ll see heart-shaped trees, and if you explore the map a bit, you’ll also notice swans in the ocean and cute emoji faces on candy hearts.

So whether you're sending snaps to friends or partners or just posting selfies of yourself in V-Day spirit, Snapchat will be the perfect addition to your Valentine's Day plans.

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