These tweets of 'Girl Meets World' videos are all saying the same thing.

Twitter Is Sharing Clips Of The Cringiest 'Girl Meets World' Moments & It's A Lot To Take In

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It's been four years since the final season of Disney Channel's Girl Meets World, but people still have a lot to say about the series. The Boy Meets World spinoff, which followed Riley Matthews' coming of age experiences, inspired some pretty strong reactions, and fans are bringing up all of the series' cringiest moments like it was yesterday. Thanks to the various tweets of Girl Meets World videos floating around Twitter, you can weigh in on all of the ~uncomfortable~ scenes for yourself.

The show, which first premiered in 2014, starred Rowan Blanchard as Cory and Topanga Matthews' daughter Riley. Alongside her bestie, Maya Hart (played by Sabrina Carpenter), Riley fought her growing pains through school and everyday life. Although the show dealt with some expected and relatable material in most episodes, such as homework and detention, flirting, and crushes, it didn't shy away from tackling some more serious topics as well.

On Saturday, April 24, the series became an unexpected trending topic on Twitter, with past viewers highlighting how controversial and uncomfortable particular scenes were. The series had been called out before, specifically when a scene about communism resurfaced, but fans had a field day bringing up many more strange scenes recently. Some of the trending videos include some pretty problematic scenes.

One scene that's getting a lot of heat was from an episode that dealt with Farkle, one of Riley's friends, getting evaluated for Asperger's syndrome, a condition on the autism spectrum. The awkward scene approached the topic in a clunky way, and Twitter users can't handle how cringey it is.

Former fans also recalled some particularly awkward relationship advice:

A scene in which the main characters discussed religion was also brought up:

Unfortunately, that isn't the end of the show's controversial takes. Some moments were less problematic, and instead called out for just being bizarre:

Boy Meets World fans are saying Girl Meets World should never have happened:

It's pretty clear that whatever the writers and execs were thinking on Girl Meets World's scripts don't hold up, and it's so very awkward for everyone who watched the show to look back on certain moments.