People On Twitter Are Not Thrilled With William Barr's Summary Of The Mueller Report

by Chelsea Stewart
Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's HERE. If you didn't immediately catch on, I'm talking about the findings of FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe into potential collusion between Russia and members of the Trump 2016 campaign. This is a moment all of America has been anticipating for literal years, and the findings have just been revealed in a report summary by Attorney General William Barr on Sunday, March 24. But they're not what people expected to see. The tweets about William Barr's Mueller report summary are in fact nothing but utter confusion and shock.

The summary, shared on March 24, comes two days after Mueller submitted his report to Barr. Initially, it was unclear whether the public would ever get a look at the reports, as there's no requirement saying it has to be made public. However, Barr — who, as attorney general, has the power to decide what to make public (or not) — had previously said he planned to be as "transparent" with Congress and the public as he could, and it looks like he came through. His report summary basically says the investigation "did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election." While it "does not exonerate" him of obstruction of justice, this isn't what some people expected to hear.

You can read the letter Barr submitted to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees here. Elite Daily reached out to the White House for comment, but did not immediately hear back. In any case, people were underwhelmed with the results.

Others seem to be satisfied with the outcome, though.

The outcome is certainly a bit surprising, if you ask me, considering the probe lasted so long (almost two years). Then again, multiple news outlets have recently reported that no more indictments are coming in regards to the investigation. But on the other hand, many outlets have pointed out that the Department of Justice and the special counsel's office don't believe that you can't indict a sitting president. Elite Daily previously reached out the White House for comment on the possibility of legal action against Trump after leaving office, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

With the calls for a release of the full Mueller report, time will tell if Muller's findings will be made public in their entirety. The DOJ did not immediately reply to Elite Daily's request for comment on whether the DOJ will release the entire Mueller report.

Trump himself has yet to tweet about the matter, but rest assured that something is on the way. He's reportedly been enjoying a getaway at his Mar-a-Lago resort with Melania and their son Barron, along with Kid Rock (random, I know, but true, nonetheless). But he never misses a beat to weigh in on this subject. The president has repeatedly stated that there was no collusion between Russia and his campaign, and he has strongly criticized the probe, calling it things like a "witch hunt" and a "hoax." Elite Daily previously reached out to the White House for comment on those criticisms, but did not hear back. With the findings now made public, you should maybe bank on seeing a tweet (or 10) any moment now.

While Trump doesn't face any indictments from Mueller, the probe wasn't a total bust. It nabbed six of his former associates, including his former campaign chairman, his national security adviser, and his longtime lawyer and fixer. The probe has also tagged a slew of Russian officials.

You can say that it's been a job well done, but now it's time to sit back and see what Congress will do with the findings. If the past is any indication, more wild rides are ahead, so hold on to your butts.