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Veronica Went Full 'Uncut Gems' On 'Riverdale' & Twitter Has JOKES

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Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for Riverdale Season 5, Episode 4, "Purgatorio." Fans knew to expect the unexpected when it came to Riverdale's seven-year time jump, but when the Feb. 10 episode showcased what the Core Four was up to nowadays, viewers were still low-key shook. While there's a lot to unpack in the first episode post-jump, these tweets about Veronica's Uncut Gems moment show Riverdale fans have a lot of feelings about her new career path.

To recap, "Purgatorio" is the first Riverdale episode taking place seven years post-graduation. The majority of the episode was spent cluing viewers in to what the main characters had been up to since they got their diplomas (well, except Archie) and went their separate ways after high school. Betty is in the FBI and grappling with the aftermath of dealing with someone called the Trash Bag Killer. Jughead is struggling to write his second book in NYC, and Archie is a sergeant in the Army who just got relocated back to Riverdale. But Veronica's storyline is the one fans are totally divided on.

Not only is she married to a Wall Streeter named Chadwick, but after catching a glimpse of her current "career," viewers noticed there was a major parallel between her and Adam Sandler's chaotic character from the bizarre 2019 film Uncut Gems.

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To break it down, Veronica and Chadwick live in the Upper East Side. The two have been married for a year and Chadwick really wants to have a baby. Veronica, however, isn't ready to be a mom and instead wants to focus on building her empire, which seems to include being a jewelry dealer at a seedy place called "Gilmore Gems & Jewels."

Prior to working at Gilmore Gems & Jewels, it sounds like Veronica was outpacing her husband on the trading floor. She mentioned she was called "The She-Wolf of Wall Street" and misses the power she had there, which could explain why she's now trading a different luxury. Just like Sandler's character, this might be how she wins.

While some fans weren't about Veronica's new lifestyle, others thought it fit her character perfectly, especially when she traded her husband's gift, an expensive "Glambergé egg," right after he gave it to her.

Whether Veronica can hang on to her newfound power or she goes the way of Sandler's character (please, TV gods, no), fans will just have to wait to find out when new episodes of Riverdale air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.