Fans Lost It After This 'Murder House' Character Showed Up In 'AHS: Apocalypse'

by Tina Kolokathis

It's only the second episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, but the connections of the season to Murder House and Coven are already in full swing. Spoiler alert: This post will contain plot details from the second episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, "The Morning After." In Sept. 19's episode, a special character from seasons past returned to the small screen, and fans couldn't help but lose it. These tweets about Rubber Man in AHS: Apocalypse will seriously give you life.

We last left Outpost Three during the premiere as Michael Langdon arrived, who happens to be an agent of the Collective visiting the outpost (oh, and also happens to be Tate Langdon's son, from American Horror Story: Murder House). Langdon is visiting the outpost to decide which of the purples will be transferred to a new outpost, which apparently has resources for another 10 years of life. First, they'll need to prove to Langdon that they're worthy of continuing the human race.

In Episode 2, Langdon starts the episode by telling the purples about his purpose at the outpost. Mr. Gallant, wanting to get his questioning with Langdon over with, volunteers to go first. During his conversation with Michael Langdon, Gallant mentions that he has a strained relationship with his grandmother, Evie Gallant, because of her desire to have him be "the perfect gay," with a husband and two yorkies (yes, he really said this). There seems to be a spark between the two men as they speak, and Gallant calls this out. Langdon tells Gallant that their conversation is enough material for what he needs to know and dismisses him. Gallant goes back to his room, where he gets a knock at the door. Who's there?

None other than the Rubber Man. The two ~get it on~, if you know what I'm saying. While they're doing the deed, Gallant's grandmother peeks in the room to see the act happening.

Fans of American Horror Story immediately recognized the Rubber Man costume, as it's the same one Tate Langdon donned when he had sex with Vivien Harmon in Season 1, creating one of the two twins she would later give birth to — Michael Langdon himself. Fans lost it, to say the least.

But don't forget, this is American Horror Story we're talking about. Was it too easy that Michael Langdon be the Rubber Man? Yep. Later in the episode, Gallant is being tortured by Ms. Venable for information about what Gallant did with the Rubber Man, since his grandmother walked in on the two and ratted him out (remember, copulation is strictly prohibited in the outpost). Gallant refuses to give any information, but he's left hanging, cuffed from the ceiling. Michael Langdon walks in and clears up that he wasn't in the Rubber Man suit. He tells Gallant, "I wouldn't f**k you if you were the last man on earth, and you almost are."

So, who's the Rubber Man? Later in the episode, the Rubber Man comes back to Gallant's room, and Gallant stabs him with a scissor. He turns around as the door creaks open, and Langdon is standing there. He looks back at Rubber Man, and it's his grandma Evie, stabbed dead. All I can say is... WTF?

It's only Episode 2 and I already have so many questions.

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