Help, The Internet Can't Decide On The Right Way To Put On A Bra

Adam Berry/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As humans, there are things we've questioned for years and will seemingly never find definitive answers for. Did the chicken or the egg come first? Was the dress blue or gold? Thanks to recent Tweets about putting on a bra, a new eternal question has arisen: what's the best way to put on a certain undergarment? As someone who has put on their bra the same way for the past ten years (that is, when I actually wear one), I didn't know this debate was even a thing. Needless to say, I've learned a lot today—strap yourself in because you probably will too.

It all began when Twitter user @nakaimosu Tweeted a photo of two evident ways that bras can be fastened, with a caption asking which one her followers felt was right. Method one involves clasping it in front of you, turning it around, and then putting on the straps (um, what?!), while method two involves putting on the bra normally and clasping it behind you.

Hello! It's obviously method two! That was my first thought upon seeing the post. Putting a bra on backwards and twisting it around? That seems like such a hassle, not to mention just plain weird.

Plenty of other women responded in equally surprised ways, Tweeting that they had no idea front-clasping was a thing and that they've been back-clasping for life:

Twitter user @ JillFilipovic was another woman who was surprised at the concept of front-clasping and Tweeted a response as such:

This is when things got interesting. And enlightening. And delightfully random. Nearly all of the responses that Filipovic received were in support of front-clasping, with many users being shocked that women put on their bras any other way.

One woman chose to respond in a hilariously magical way by equating herself and all other front-claspers to unicorns, writing "We do exist!!!! #frontclaspers" alongside a photo of the mystical animal. (My thoughts exactly.)

As front-claspers began providing insight as to why they choose method one, there were two reasons that popped up time and time again, the first of which boiled down to coordination and dexterity. Many women pointed out that aligning one to nine hooks and eyes behind your back is a nearly impossible feat—valid! Others chalked it up to flexibility and comfort.

Others also wrote in that bigger cup sizes made back clasping more difficult, meaning that front-clasping was by far the most convenient way.

I am an A cup and have never had more than two clasps on my bras, so reading the above responses clarified why I'd never even thought to do the twist method. I get it now, it makes sense! But there were other responses to the great bra debate that simply don't, and never will.

Some women evidently put on their bras like pants:

While others put them on like t-shirts.

I guess I should be saying you do you, but all of this back and forth has honestly got me wanting to ditch bras altogether.

I'm with you, Adrienne. Which side are you on?