Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Took A Carriage Ride Through Windsor & Twitter Loved It

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Unfortunately, not all of England can attend the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as a part of the congregation. However, the royal family does allow their nation's citizens (and the rest of the world) to still take part in celebrating the couple's big day. The ceremony was broadcast live worldwide, and those that actually traveled to Windsor to witness the big day in person had the chance to see the newly minted duke and duchess as they paraded through the town in a stunning horse-drawn carriage. And the tweets about Meghan and Harry's carriage procession show how excited the whole world is for them.

The procession was set to begin immediate after the Markle and Prince Harry's wedding ceremony at 1 p.m. local time. The ceremony, which began at 12 p.m. (7 a.m. ET) took place at St George's Chapel in Windsor, was an intimate and loving affair. I'm so incredibly happy that the world was able to be witness to this wedding, because it was truly an event for the ages.

The carriage procession began at the neighboring Windsor Castle and the newlyweds spent about 25 minutes parading themselves to the public for the first time as the newly minted Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

And Twitter was absolutely loving Megan and Harry's fairytale moment as they rode through Windsor in their horse-drawn carriage.

The carriage procession is a special moment for any British royal wedding, as it's a chance for the newly married couple to thank the crowds that have gathered along the route for supporting their union and showing their love. And these newlyweds were definitely looking forward to this moment on their big day. "Prince Harry and Ms. Markle are very much looking forward to this part of the day," read a statement from Buckingham Palace on the carriage procession. "It will be their chance to express their gratitude for the goodwill and warm wishes they have received from all quarters in the months since their engagement."

The procession will take center stage in replacement of the traditional balcony kiss at the top of Buckingham Palace that royal couples in the past have participated in. Because the distance from Windsor to London (where the Palace is located) is about 25 miles west of the capital city, there's not enough time for the new Duke and Duchess to take part in that tradition. So the procession is their consolation for missing out on that.

After the newlyweds completed their procession, they returned to Windsor castle for the reception. The carriage the couple elected to ride in was the Ascot Landau carriage, which was described as a "wonderfully bright, small, lovely carriage" in a press release issued by the Palace. It's one of the five Ascot Landau's that the royal family owns, and are reserved for use only in the event of a royal wedding, coronation, or state visit, according to the palace.

The newlyweds were pulled by a father and son team of Windsor Grey Horses named Storm and Tyrone, and they looked absolutely majestic as they paraded with Prince Harry and Markle. The horses were home-bred by Queen Elizabeth II, and are therefore very trustworthy in terms of handling the commotion from the crowds along the procession route, as Coachman Philip Barnard-Brown explained.

And the procession through Windsor was definitely an overall success. Markle and Price Harry looked as happy as ever, and it was wonderful that the world got a chance to celebrate in their love with them. I personally would have preferred an invite (sigh), but watching the ceremony and subsequent procession will do just fine.