These Stories About People Bonding With Their Pets During Tough Times Will Have You Sobbing

If you're a pet owner, you know what a profound role animals can play in our lives. Animals can comfort people when they're down, brighten up any bad day, and even sense the right thing to do when their human counterparts are crying, grieving, or angry. That's why it was no surprise when a flurry of stories started circulating on Twitter about loyal and loving pets. TBH, these tweets about pets bonding with their owners will hit you right in the feels, so get your tissues at the ready.

On Wednesday, Feb. 27, Twitter user @sammynickalls asked a question over Twitter, saying:

[W]hat’s a big thing your pet does that makes you positive they understand/love you on a deeper level? [M]y cat meows around mealtimes but she never does when I have a migraine; she cuddles and headboops me until I’m able to get up and feed her.

After sending out the first tweet, @sammynickalls followed up with a second tweet, saying:

[T]he same applies with mental health stuff—when I’m depressed, she lies with me patiently and gives me love until I’m able to get up

Soon, countless people started responding to the tweet with their own stories of loving pets.

Some stories will really tug at your heartstrings, like this pup that was super connected to her owner.

This smart doggo knows exactly how to show a little love to both his people.

Look at this sweet pitbull just being the absolute best doggo when its owner is having a rough time.

If you're feeling down, cats will be there to snuggle up and make it better.

OK, that face (and a snuggle session) would turn around any bad day so fast.

Cats will wipe away your tears, people, because they're more than just cute little fluff-balls.

Hey, as long as bedtime cuddles are a regular thing, I can totally deal with a slightly grumpy pup during the day.

Saying goodbye to a pet is hard, but it's so nice to see this cat reaffirmed its bond with its owner during such a hard time.

Broken heart? That's no problem for your pet, who loves you very much, of course.

Who needs meds when you have the most supportive pup in the world?

OMG, this dog reassuring its owner that it loves them very much in such a thoughtful way might be the reason I'm tearing up right now.

Ugh, the amount of pups who can sense when their owners are experiencing anxiety and then just come in and save the day with their doggo ingenuity is so heartwarming.

A cat curing bad dreams? Yep, sounds accurate (and amazing).

I'm not crying. You're crying. I'm actually sobbing.

Although Twitter might be a dumpster fire of a website sometimes, it's a great place to find heartwarming content of people telling purely good stories about their pets or sharing photos of their pets being perfectly adorable. In late January 2019, comedian David Baddiel tweeted a photo of his cats with the caption, "Two of my cats have formed a retro ['80s] electro-pop duo. Here's their first album cover." Thousands of people responded with their own pet album covers and titles including Twitter user @Spdoxey whose dogs "formed their own pet shop boys tribute," user @tannyar whose cat Sansa was performing for a "new sultry R&B album," and Twitter user @mcberry315 whose cat's album was called "The Other Side."

The world can be a tumultuous, anxiety-inducing place, especially as of late, but there are always loving furry friends around to keep you grounded and joyful. Whether you're a dog person, a cat lady, or even a turtle lover, the bond you have with your pet is probably unlike anything else you've ever experienced.