Twitter Can’t Get Over This Ginormous Tote Bag That Martha Stewart Is Selling On QVC

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

To avoid becoming a self-proclaimed "bag lady," almost everyone in New York City has a favorite tote bag for, ya know, shlepping a lot of stuff at once. Almost no tote bag is too big in my eyes — mine is gigantic, super sturdy, and can hold anything and everything, including beach accessories, overnight supplies, and even gym gear. Martha Stewart's tote bag, on the other hand, is so darn humungous that it might actually cross the line size-wise. At this point, it's gone totally viral, because it's practically big enough to haul a body, and if you haven't already seen these tweets about Martha Stewart's tote bag, they're downright hilarious. Almost nobody can handle just how huge it is.

Martha Stewart happily showed off her Heavy-Duty XL Tote bag on Instagram last Tuesday on Aug. 29, because according to The Cut, it's part of her brand new QVC collection. The tote comes in three glorious colors: Black, an original shade of green known as “Martha mint,” as well as Slate, and a triple set will only cost you $39 off the QVC website. Each tote can hold up to 47 gallons of liquid, or a whopping 930 pounds of solid materials, and best part of it all, is that if the bag breaks, it has a two-year warranty. You can use it indoors or outside, and if you ask me, it sounds like a total steal.

Some out there in the vast Twittersphere are totally and utterly baffled by Stewart's gigantic tote bag. With the ability to hold 930 pounds, you have to wonder what she might be using it for. Maybe it's just for yard work? Bodies? Gold? According to The Cut, Stewart claims she uses it to lug towels around for pool parties, but nobody is totally sure what the queen of New England is actually using this for. Regardless, Twitter has a ton of ideas as to how she uses this ridiculous tote, and they're so freaking funny.

Others, however, are incredibly intrigued by this giant-sized tote. Many are even considering buying one. Think about it: it could be an ideal travel carry-on, it's absolutely perfect for getting yard work done, and most importantly, Martha's using it. So, why not buy one? It really could come in handy someday, you never know.

Maybe you're always toting around a million things with you, or you simply have a giant bag obsession. Clearly, Martha has way too many things to carry, and Twitter can't help but wonder why she needs to lug around almost 1,000 pounds of weight. Others, however, can't help but be intrigued by the bag, and are looking to buy it (myself included), because it could definitely come in handy at some point. Martha will always be a mystery in my eyes, so the world may never really know why she uses them, but in all honesty, it probably really is just for all of those poolside ragers she's throwing.

Or, maybe she's trekking dinner ingredients to Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party on VH1 in her XL Tote bag. It was announced back in 2016 that the unlikely friends would be getting their own show, and it premiered in November of that year. Season 2 episodes of the show began airing in October 2017, and the show that invites "an eclectic mix of their celebrity friends" to join them for food, drink, and conversation, per the VH1 website, is just another one of Martha's unexpected business ventures.

Whether she's hanging with Snoop or lugging 930 pounds of groceries in an extremely oversized tote bag, Stewart always keeps her fans on their toes. I can't wait to see what Martha surprises people with next.