The Mandalorian

Mando Finally Took His Helmet Off In 'The Mandalorian' & Twitter Has THOUGHTS

by Ani Bundel

There were "knowns" about The Mandalorian before the series debuted. Chief among them is a tenet of the Mandalorian religion; they live in their armor, including never taking their helmets off. Or at least, that was how most understood it. Since the show's debut, fans have learned it's a bit more complicated, but the outcome is the same. The hero, Mando, who's real name is Din Djarin, never takes off his helmet... until he does. These tweets about Mando taking his helmet off in The Mandalorian reveal fans have many feelings about that face.

Warning: Spoilers for The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 7 follow. ICYMI, Grogu, formerly known as Baby Yoda, was kidnapped by Moff Gideon and taken to parts unknown. Luckily, Mando had accidentally gathered a team, including Boba Fett, Fennec, and Cara Dune, who happily volunteered to help rescue the tyke. But they needed someone who could break into an Imperial hub to locate Gideon's whereabouts, like Migs Mayfeld. Mayfeld last appeared in Season 1's heist episode, when he attempted to betray Mando and wound up imprisoned instead.

Mayfeld suggested he and Mando break into an Imperial rhydonium refinery, a mostly anonymous place where people come and go, but also where they could obtain the coordinates of Baby Yoda's whereabouts without being noticed. As Mayfeld snuck off to grab the coordinates, Mando had to act casual but soon discovered even standing at a terminal looking busy required facial scans. In desperation not to attract attention, he was forced to remove the imperial helmet he always wears, exposing his face, and his real self of Din Djarin, to Mayfeld and everyone.

Twitter was a glass case of emotions.

Fans already knew Pedro Pascal, the actor who plays Mando, is a handsome devil and that many of his characters are known for mustaches and goatees. But somehow, it never occurred to them Din Djarin has facial hair.

Worse, it's not like Mando took off his helmet for a few minutes. He and Mayfeld took out several dozen pirates on their way into the facility as part of maintaining their cover. They're heroes, and the commanding officer wanted to buy them drinks. So Djarin was forced to sit barefaced in front of an Imperial who has no idea he's talking to one of the most famous bounty hunters in the galaxy.

When the pirates attacked the facility, Mayfeld grabbed the opportunity to shoot the Imperial who had seen Din's face. For all that he's a ruthless bastard, Mayfeld understood the massive sacrifice Mando made in the name of getting Grogu back. He promised not to tell anyone this happened or that he ever saw the real Din Djarin.

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