'Game Of Thrones' Fans Cannot Physically Handle This One Epic Death Scene

by Dylan Kickham

Game of Thrones fans all knew that Sunday (April 29th) night's new episode of the show would be filled with a lot of death, but that did not make watching them any easier. Especially when it came to one fan-favorite character in particular. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Game of Thrones Season 8, episode 3. In a heartbreaking twist about halfway through the epic battle episode, young leader Lyanna Mormont was killed, and these tweets about Lyanna Mormont's death on Game of Thrones prove just how devastating (but so badass) her death was for fans.

Although Lyanna Mormont was not introduced into the show until relatively recently, the young leader quickly became a fan favorite, thanks to her authoritative command and her snarky comebacks. She leads the House Mormont and pledges their allegiance to the Starks in recent seasons, and she more than proved her devotion to defending the North in the third episode's cataclysmic battle episode. Prior to Sunday night's new episode, Lyanna fought back against her cousin Jorah Mormont's request that she hide in the Winterfell crypts along with the other ladies and children to remain safe from the fray. Instead, Lyanna asserted she would lead her people into battle herself.

It is this bravery that made Lyanna Mormont's death all the more badass. Even though she was faced with an endless horde of White Walkers, she never gave up the fight. Eventually, she found herself up against a giant, who easily snatched her up and broke her bones in his hands. Still, Lyanna did not stop fighting even in her final moments, as she plunged her sword into the giant's eye, bringing her killer down along with her.


The epic death scene was totally befitting of Lyanna Mormont's intense bravery, and Game of Thrones fans were quick to praise the way that Lyanna went out still fighting:

Unfortunately, Lyanna Mormont did not fully get to rest after her brave and epic death scene. As the Night King advanced his forces into Winterfell, he used his resurrection powers to bring back all of the forces he had already taken out... which included Lyanna Mormont. In a very quick scene, fans can see the eyes on Lyanna's corpse open with ice-blue irises, revealing she's become a Wight.


Thankfully, fans of the Game of Thrones series (and of Lyanna's character) do not have to watch Lyanna die a second time, or kill any of the living. At the very end of the episode, Arya Stark sneak attacks the Night King and manages to kill him as he was advancing towards Bran. As the Night King shatters into ice, all of his Wights and White Walkers also disintegrate and die, which means that the resurrected Lyanna Mormont Wight presumably crumbled with all of the others. (Though, OK, to be fair, who knows if she'll come back?)

All of the characters who died in the Battle of Winterfell will definitely be remembered as heroes among the Game of Thrones fandom, but Lyanna Mormont's death will definitely go down as one of the most badass deaths in the show's history.