Twitter Is Seriously Freaking Out Over That Surprise 'Paradise' Reunion Proposal


Kristian Haggerty made Bachelor Nation history in a number of ways during this past season of Bachelor in Paradise. Even though she wasn't a Bachelor franchise alum, she got to join her girlfriend, Demi Burnett, in Mexico. Their relationship was also the first time the franchise featured a same-sex couple. So, it makes perfect sense that Haggerty would once again make history during the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 finale by getting down on one knee. Kristian's Bachelor In Paradise reunion proposal to Demi was not only groundbreaking, but it also made fans all across Bachelor Nation swoon.

At the beginning of the big, romantic Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 finale, the final four couples all headed to a hotel to decide whether or not they wanted to take advantage of the fantasy suites ahead of their big proposal decisions. After a lovey-dovey conversation, Demi and Kristian easily decided to spend the night in the fantasy suite together. So things were definitely looking promising the next morning when it came time for the proposals.

To build up the drama even more, the finale saved Demi and Kristian's proposal moment for last. Fans witnessed Clay and Nicole break up, and then both Chris and Katie and Dylan and Hannah get engaged... and then it was finally time for Demi and Kristian. Both women admitted to some serious nerves while walking to the beach, with Demi worrying that she may not deserve someone as good as Kristian, and Kristian realizing that she would be incredibly hurt if she and Demi did not get engaged at that moment.

Luckily, Demi and Kristian totally got their happily ever after. After both professing their love for one another, Demi got down on her knee and proposed to Kristian, who quickly accepted. It was definitely one of the most tear-jerkingly romantic moments from this entire season of Bachelor in Paradise, but the love did not end there!


Demi and Kristian's love story continued into the reunion special that aired directly after the finale. Their romance was definitely one of the most interesting and fan-beloved arcs of this season, and also made history as the franchise's first-ever same-sex relationship. Demi actually headed into the season while she was still dating Kristian back at home, but decided to use the show to discover more about herself. Initially, Demi hit it off with Derek, but once Kristian was brought to Paradise, it immediately became Demi and Kristian 'til the end.

When Demi and Kristian took the stage at the reunion show, Demi revealed that she had moved to L.A. to be closer to Kristian, quickly confirming that things are still going very will between the newly-engaged couple. And if that was not confirmation enough, Demi and Kristian then launched into a truly romantic compliment-fest, as they both gushed about their love for each other.

But the most romantic moment came at the end, when Kristian surprised Demi by proposing to her! It was a perfect reciprocal moment since fans had already seen Demi propose to Kristian in the finale, but not the other way around, and everyone on Twitter could not help but gush about the romantic surprise.

That second proposal was definitely the perfect way to end the night, and cap off a super dramatic season that at least gave us this one swoon-worthy love story. Now, Bachelor Nation will have to wait about three more months to return to the dating series. The new season of The Bachelor, helmed by Peter from Hannah Brown's season, will premiere on Jan. 6, 2020.