People Are Sharing How To Survive Halloween In 4 Words With Some Hilarious Tweets

I don't know about you, but my absolute favorite thing about the month of October is the fact that you always have an excuse to watch horror movies. Between the Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Scream franchises, there are so many freaky films for you to watch, and so little time. But, in the event that all the horror is getting to your head, Twitter is giving you tips to survive the spookiest night of the year. If you haven't already seen these tweets about how to survive Halloween in four words, check 'em out. They're literally taking over the internet.

On Wednesday, Oct. 31, Twitter's #SurviveHalloweenIn4Words hashtag produced an incredibly wide variety of content. Some out there in the Twitterverse simply want to avoid the spookiness altogether while others are willing to face their fears and fight off the ghouls and goblins that may arise. Many, however, are choosing to face Halloween with a hot take, or two. However you decide to face Halloween, though, is totally up to you.

If getting spooked isn't your thing, hop aboard the anti-horror train. Some are looking to stay inside all night while others are putting up their Christmas lights a few months early. Avoiding Halloween altogether is how these tweeters are choosing to survive Halloween 2018 — and if you're not about getting scared, maybe you should follow their lead.

Leave it to those who aren't here for the frightening aspect of the holiday to simply seek out treats on Halloween while others hunt for tricks. If you're looking to face your deepest darkest fears, follow the advice of these fans of all things spooky. Welcome "the Great Pumpkin" with open arms; walk away from that weirdo clown hiding in the sewer; or break out that proton pack you've been stowing away in your closet for all these years. If you're fearless enough to trek out into the night, these are the tips you need to survive the spookiness of Halloween night.

Maybe all you need to survive the spookiest night of the year is a simple hot take. Whether you're avoiding that controversial candy corn, or if you're giving away your Cleveland Browns tickets, remember that your needs come first this Halloween, and whatever gets you through the spookiest night of the year is completely your call. Do your thing.

Whether you choose to survive Halloween by hiding inside your house or by trying to kick Mike Myers' butt, make sure you celebrate the spookiest night of the year with some tasty deals. Chipotle is offering $4 "Booritos;" there's a costume party at Krispy Kreme; and 7-Eleven is giving out free pies. Whichever deal you're in the mood for, there are plenty of delectable discounts to choose from. So, definitely get on that.

If you could survive Halloween in four words, what would yours be? Clearly, there are so many ways to fight through this ever-frightful evening, so make sure to think of yours before night falls. You only have so much time before the frightful night ends.