Bachelor Nation Exploded When Hannah Took This Guy On A Naked Bungee-Jumping Date

ABC/John Fleenor

Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette has had its fair share of sexy make-out sessions and intimate moments, but until June 24's episode, these were usually reserved for the darkened corners of cocktail parties. After Hannah invited Garrett on his first one-on-one date, that unofficial protocol changed when the pair's bungee jumping activity took a scandalous turn. Tweets about Garrett and Hannah's naked bungee-jumping prove that the unique date has sent Bachelor Nation on fire.

Before Episode 6, golf pro Garrett has played it cool in the background, usually speaking up the most when Luke P. did something problematic. The season preview even hints that Garrett pokes at Luke enough for the troublesome contestant to yell in his face, but it looks like viewers still have to wait for that confrontation to play out. Until then, Bachelor Nation watched as Hannah sent Garrett a date card about trusting their love and invited him to go bungee jumping in Latvia. This high-adrenaline date got more interesting when the pair learned they'd be naked during the activity.

Cuddling in a harness during a late spring chill is bound to create some sexual tension, so despite the awkward and terrifying circumstances, Hannah and Garrett's bond definitely solidified when they were clipped together and finally took the jump. Hannah definitely hasn't been shy about having her fun with the guys this season, so Bachelorette fans knew she'd delight in this connection (same, girl, same). As Hannah said, "When in Latvia, you do it the Latvian way."

Viewers took to Twitter to envision themselves in her situation. Not everyone was delighted with the idea of taking this plunge, but others appreciated this new side to Garrett.

Bungee jumping is a classic Bachelor date, but it's safe to say that few of the previous skydiving and cliff-jumping outings required such little clothing. Just a week after Hannah got a sneak peek at the men's "bagpipes" in Scotland, is The Bachelorette actually promoting a healthy approach to sexuality and physical attraction? I'm certainly not complaining about the change — have your fun, Hannah!

Hannah's day with Garrett also entailed some serious chat. Before the rose ceremony in Scotland, Garrett had confronted Luke P. about mentioning other men's names during his one-on-one date, which was disobeying the agreement the men made beforehand. His verbal attack on Luke prompted Hannah to intervene and advise all of the men to mind their own business, which the contestants definitely had in mind this week.

On the night portion of their date, Hannah thanked Garrett for being so confident about bungee-jumping in the nude, but for fans, his tense history in the competition was definitely lingering between them. The episode's previews of Luke finding out about the pair's naked activity had viewers delighting in the upcoming drama.

However, instead of focusing on his drama with Luke, Garrett opened up about his family's love of college football and how that intensity showed him he actually preferred playing golf. Sharing this experience won him Hannah's rose, and while Bachelor Nation had mixed thoughts about the bungee-jumping, it looks like everyone's on board with Garrett keeping it cool when it came to Luke.

The Bachelorette continues at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, July 1, on ABC.