These tweets about David Dobrik's coronavirus giveaway might make you tear up.

David Dobrik Gave Away So Much Money In His New Video & Everyone Is So Moved

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

David Dobrik is bringing some light to the world with his latest giveaway. The YouTube vlogger uploaded a video to his channel on Friday, April 24 that is an epic and emotional ride. These tweets about David Dobrik's coronavirus giveaway will make you feel so moved.

While the coronavirus pandemic has created ongoing anxiety for many, Dobrik wanted to bring some happiness to those who needed a boost. In a video titled "WE CAN'T BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED," Dobrik surprised many Los Angeles residents with brand new Playstation 4s, Xbox One Xs, and iPads with his assistant Natalie. YouTuber Jason Nash was also there to help.

The video begins with Dobrik explaining that he hasn't made videos during the lockdown in California, and after this upload, will remain on a hiatus until things return to normal. The camera follows as Dobrik and his team load up a van with game consoles, giving them out to random people in LA.

The team drove around the city giving out consoles and cash to fans who were recently unemployed due to the novel coronavirus. Dobrik used some creative ways to gift fans items, including launching shirts out of the car window. Soon after that, Dobrik began upping the ante, tossing out frisbees with cash to fans.

But Dobrik didn't stop there. He ended up giving away tens of thousands of dollars, as he gave away merch shirts with checks for $10,000 attached to them, and even gifted some brand new cars to fans in need.

Shortly after the video was uploaded, Dobrik became a trending topic on Twitter as fans reacted to the huge giveaway with so much love and emotion. It's hard to deny that Dobrik is making us feel so many feelings:

Fans are calling him way too pure for our world:

So many can't handle how generous his giveaway was:

Dobrik's hilarious videos make it hard enough not to like the YouTuber, but combine that with his caring giveaways, and some are asking, "How can you not?":

You can watch the full video of Dobrik's coronavirus giveaway below:

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