These tweets about Brexit are all over the place about Britain's fate.

Brexit Has Officially Gone Into Effect & Brits Are Tweeting About The Big Day

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Brexit Day is here, which means the United Kingdom has officially separated from the European Union. However, there are a ton of mixed opinions about the decision, and it doesn't look like the split is going to slow down anytime soon. These tweets about Brexit are all about Britain's historic move.

The British exit, or Brexit, was voted in by over 17 million people in the UK back in June 2016. It took four years and two General Elections to finally reach Brexit Day on Feb. 1, 2020. Now that the UK is leaving the European Union, what does that mean for its citizens?

Britain's separation from the EU means the the country will no longer partner in the economic and political union of European nations. Countries in the EU freely trade between one another without extra costs, so there is a worry about how the United Kingdom will be affected economically. The EU also gives people within the union the right to freely move, live, and work in any of its countries, as well as impacts the ease of travelling between them, and this issue is a big mixed bag. Separation will change the UK's involvement and laws in these matters.

This is the first time a country has elected to withdraw from the EU, which means that the UK's decision is of great historical significance. The UK separation brings an end to its 47 years within the EU. Luckily, there is an 11-month transition period from now through December 2020, which will give Britain time to come to a full negotiation with the EU to sort out the unknowns.

Users on Twitter are kind of all over the place, with many cracking jokes and making some memes:

Now Brits can joke about being continental:

Some Brits are celebrating:

Others are upset about the change:

And many Brits still identify with being a part of the EU, calling themselves forever European:

Some Americans are weighing in on Britain's Brexit Day:

And then of course people from other countries in the EU are cracking their own jokes, too:

Since the transition period is now in effect, the UK remains in EU customs, and not much else will change until the end of the transition. The only thing taking full effect on Brexit Day is the end to its membership in EU politics, such as Parliament and the European Commission.

With so many split opinions on Brexit, the historical moment could either strengthen its citizens, or change the dynamic entirely.