Bachelor Nation Can't Get Over The Amount Of Times The Word "Bold" Was On 'The Bachelorette'


Every lead in the Bachelor franchise has a quirk or catchphrase that inevitably pops out over the course of a season. Bachelorette Becca Kufrin loved telling everyone to do the damn thing, while Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. frequently said, "I love that." Only two episodes of Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season have aired, but Bachelor Nation has already caught on to her go-to phrase. Tweets about being "bold" on The Bachelorette have taken over, so buckle in for plenty of reminders that Hannah wants to embrace her bold side this year.

While her season premiere focused on perfection and being real, Hannah seemed to ditch the reminder she was imperfect for Episode 2 and encouraged her men to be bold in their quests for her heart. According to E! News, the word "bold" was said 14 times throughout the episode, with Hannah first telling cameras she wanted her contestants to be bold during group dates. She then used the word again in conversations with men, thanking first impression rose recipient Luke P. for being bold and confessing he was falling in love with her. ICYMI, the internet believed Luke was a little too bold to admit that on the season's very first group date.

Her emphasis on the term even inspired a few men to use it themselves, but software sales manager Cam took boldness to a new extreme. When defending his decision to crash a group date he wasn't invited to, he said, "She's looking for a man who's going to be bold. She's looking for a man who is going to break out of his comfort zone and push the conventions." After getting a rose at the end of the episode, the rapping contestant even introduced Hannah in a toast with his own last name, telling the other men, "Gotta be bold."

No surprise, but fans on Twitter are already getting sick of the word.

Bachelor Nation is also calling out Cam and Luke for interpreting Hannah's wish for boldness as extremely intense, immature behavior.

For the most part, Hannah seemed to enjoy Cam and Luke's stunts, but well-seasoned viewers of The Bachelorette know that men pulling silly antics never last too long. The preview for May 27's episode even suggests that both Cam and Luke are struggling with the way the competition continues. Luke tells cameras that it isn't easy watching Hannah kiss other men on dates, and later on, Hannah even delays speaking with him in favor of one-on-one time with another contestant. An unseen man then remarks, "Luke's self-imploding."

Mike then warns Hannah that Cam told the men he was going to share a sad story with her to win sympathy. Hannah appears to confront Cam about this, and as cameras show him walking away, Cam's voice is heard saying, "This is my worst nightmare."

The pressure is cooking for these two men, so Bachelor Nation will have to wait and see if they both fall short of being "bold" enough for Hannah. Season 15 of The Bachelorette continues at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, May 27, on ABC.