A screenshot from Ariana Grande's "Positions" music video.

Arianators Are Raving Over The Powerful Message Ariana's "Positions" Video Sends


If there was ever any doubt that Ariana Grande's new music wouldn't live up to the hype, she officially put that noise to rest. Grande just dropped her newest single, "Positions," and it didn't take long for Arianators to go wild over it. These tweets about Ariana Grande's "Positions" are all praise for the hardworking pop star.

Earlier this year, Grande was all about the collabs, dropping "Stuck With U" with Justin Bieber in May, and releasing her track "Rain On Me" with Lady Gaga weeks later. On the heels of her upcoming album, Grande debuted her first solo track of 2020 and it's exactly what fans have been waiting for.

After teasing snippets of new music in September, Grande subtly confirmed the album name, Positions, in an Instagram post on Oct. 17. The song debuted a week later and made one thing official: The track is an absolute bop, which has everyone on Twitter talking.

Due to the song title, fans thought the music video was going to have a purely sensual theme, and while there was def a lot of sensuality in the video, Grande made it very clear she can do two things at once.

While there are clips of Grande looking cute AF cooking in a kitchen or sprawled out on a bed, the clip also shows Grande taking on the role of presidentof the United States with an all-female cabinet surrounding her. She takes charge by holding press conferences and making important decisions in the Oval office.

Fans pointed out Grande not only switched positions in her relationship, but also switched "positions" with men, who are the ones usually seen in power. With Election Day coming up on Nov. 3, fans thought the political theme was so timely.


So while everyone awaits Grande's full album, which she promised would be out before the end of the month, check out "Positions" below and take a scroll through these tweets to see what everyone is saying about her latest single.

Grande's sixth album is set to be released on Oct. 30. It will be her first record since 2019's Thank U Next, so it's going to be a huge deal. Fans can't wait to hear what more the singer has to offer.