These 'Toy Story 4' Easter Eggs Will Make Every Pixar Fan's Heart Melt


It has been nearly 25 years since Pixar released its first feature film Toy Story. Since the 1995 release, Pixar has become one of the most revered names in animation, and fans showed just how much they still love the studio's tentpole franchise this year by flocking to theaters to see Toy Story 4. As has become emblematic of Pixar, the new movie is chock-full of tiny references to past beloved classics, and there are so many Toy Story 4 easter eggs that you cannot possibly catch them all in just one viewing. Let's go over some of the most exciting Pixar easter eggs hidden within Toy Story 4.

1. Boo from Monsters, Inc.

Yep, the main human from Monsters, Inc. actually does have a super-quick cameo in the new Toy Story movie. Viewers can see her playing the carnival game when Buzz Lightyear is first added to the game's prize wall.

2. Russell's "Ellie badge" from Up

In Toy Story 4, we learn that Bo Peep has been scavenging for supplies to thrive as a free toy for the past seven years. Her sheep help her out by bringing her random knick-knacks, including a bottle cap with particular sentimental value. The grape soda cap is the same one that Carl fashioned into a badge for Russell at the end of Up, dubbing it the Ellie badge in honor of his late wife.

3. The Pizza Planet truck


The Pizza Planet delivery truck that played a large role in the original Toy Story has managed to pop up in all of the subsequent films as well, and Toy Story 4 is no exception. The vehicle shows up as a tattoo on the leg of the apathetic carnival game worker who finds Buzz Lightyear on the ground.

4. Héctor's guitar from Coco

When Buzz Lightyear is put on the prize wall and first meets Ducky and Bunny, he is also surrounded by toy replicas of the iconic guitar from Coco.


5. Tin Toy

The easter eggs even stretch all the way back to Pixar's very beginning. The tin marching-band toy that welcomes Bo Peep and Woody into the pinball machine secret hideout is actually the lead character from one of Pixar's first shorts, 1988's Tin Toy. Interestingly enough, it was Tin Toy's success that led to Toy Story being released in the first place, so seeing him finally appear in the Toy Story movies is a full-circle moment.


6. Second Chance antique shop

While the easter eggs are scattered throughout the new movie, the bulk of them are concentrated in the cluttered Second Chance antique shop. Producer Jonas Rivera told Digital Spy that every frame that we see of the antique shop includes some easter egg to a past Pixar film or short, and fellow producer Mark Nielsen confirmed that there are over 100 easter eggs in the movie and it is the most of any Pixar film ever.

Some of the items fans can spot in the antique shop include a painting of Up villain Charles Muntz, a vintage ad for TripleDent Gum from Inside Out, and a Monsters University pennant. Of course, the shop is filled with dozens more easter eggs than just those, so keep your eyes peeled during all the antique shop scenes.