Converse's New Tie-Dye Sneakers Are Basically Wearable Watercolors & They're Perfect For Spring


A certain technicolor retro print is back with a gorgeous bang this season, having appeared on the recent runways of everyone from R13 and Proenza Schouler to Eckhaus Latta and Collina Strada. This week, a collection of tie-dye Converse sneakers are the latest manifestation of the groovy trend and they're just about the most spring-perfect footwear to ever exist. They're bright and colorful and boast candy-like color palettes, so if you're looking for shoes to rival the season's blooms look no further.

To me, tie-dye is basically happiness and optimism in wearable form. It's often attributed to '70s and '80s hippie culture, which is rad in its own right, but for me, it also has a special personal meaning. I remember spending afternoons with my sister as a kid, twisting up white shirts and spraying them with/ submerging them in dye. Unraveling them and seeing what kind of kaleidoscopic creations we'd made was beyond exciting and we were so proud to show off our masterpieces. I have one of those shirts that I still wear to festivals (and honestly, to brunch) today, so this new collection of Chucks would fit right in to my wardrobe. The only question is which pair of them to choose.

The collection includes two silhouettes, both the high-top and low-top versions of the classic Chuck 70 sneaker. (It's is the style that you see on basically every other person's feet.) Each pair features a white vulcanized rubber sole and toe cap, giving them that super fresh and crisp feel that springtime style is all about.

The first color way is a peach and pink tie dye set against a white background. It reminds me of those sour peach gummy candies you hopefully also ate as a kid and is a great way to rock the living coral color trend that's going to sweep fashion this season. This palette is available on a high top and is accentuated by bubblegum pink tie-dye laces — the more of it you can see, the better!

Next up is the indigo high-top, which almost looks like acid wash denim rather than blue tie dye. It would be the perfect shoe to rock with a Canadian tuxedo, or an outfit involving any denim at all. Dusty blue tie-dye laces finish off the style for an extra cool effect.

In terms of the low-top offerings, the first is a green and yellow tie dye with bright, almost lime green laces. They remind me of a rainforest or another leafy location — plant moms, match your babies in these.

Last but not least is the vanilla low-top, which features a light gray and nude tie-dye with matching laces. It's definitely the most muted of the bunch but still boasts a cool artistic finish, and would be a great shoe to sub in when you're bored of your go-to white sneakers.

The shoes are currently available to shop at Feature, with the low-tops priced at $82 and the high-tops priced at $85. Go on, you know you want a pair.