These Tide Pods Halloween Costume Ideas Are All About The Weirdest Trend of 2018

The internet is a vast, lawless void of meaningless information but it's really good at giving us Halloween costume ideas with its countless memes, hashtags, and general millennial tomfoolery. If you're still looking for a last-minute Halloween costume inspired by the internet, look no further than these five Tide Pod Halloween costume ideas. Who knew laundry detergent would play such a prominent part of 2018?

In case you forgot about the great Tide Pod fiasco of 2018, here's a refresher. In January, teenagers started biting into Tide Pods on camera and posting the videos to social media. (Side note: Please, do not do this. Tide Pods are in fact soap, and they are not edible.) The phenomena soon became known as the Tide Pod challenge and countless memes sprung forth to make light of something that adults all over the country seemed to be freaking out about: children ingesting laundry detergent.

While there was in fact cause for concern that teens were IRL eating Tide Pods, the phenomena wasn't necessarily new. According to Snopes, YouTube and Facebook videos as far back as 2011 showed daredevils biting into the colorful chemical cocktail. Though far more people consumed Tide Pod memes than Tide Pods themselves, news outlets across the country reported on the viral trend and even Tide released a video on Twitter discouraging people from eating the toxic detergent. After the fad died down, only the memes remained, and as the year went on those memes were replaced, too.

It goes without saying that you shouldn't eat Tide Pods, but what better way to revitalize the Tide Pod meme than wear it proudly as a Halloween costume? Here are five costume ideas that will have you looking like a Tide Pod snack in no time.

Buy a Tide Pod T-Shirt

Amazon has a bunch of Tide Pod t-shirts, so if you're feeling low maintanance and want something easy, this is the route for you. From this Billy Blanko "Breakfast of Champions" Tide Pod shirt on Amazon for $17.99 to Funny Punny and Classic Tattoo T Shirt Co's "Forbidden Fruit" tees on Amazon for $15.85, these clever shirts alluding to the 2018 Tide Pod challenge are sure to spark a conversation (and not Tide Pod snacking) at any Halloween party.

Make Your Own Tide Pod Costume

It's super easy to customize your own Tide Pod costume with fabric-friendly markers or paint and a white shirt or pants. Crazy Colors Fabric Paint Set Kit on Amazon for $25 is a great way to get started. You have so many options this way — you could make a multicolored swirl shirt to represent both sides of the pod, draw or paint mini Tide Pods all over your clothes, or even paint yourself to look like an entire Tide Pod container. The DIY route gives you more control over your pod colors and styles.

Design Tide Pods With Poster Board or Cardboard

If you really want to step up your DIY game, use poster board or cardboard. Pacon Foam Board's six assorted colors on Amazon for $36 is sure to provide all the colorful foam board you'll need to cut a giant Tide Pod and attach string to drape it over your shoulder, around your neck, or even string it through your belt loops. The cutout can range from the size of an actual Tide Pod to the size of your whole body — wear it as an outfit or an accessory.

Recycle Those Tide Pod Containers

If you don't feel like wearing something Tide Pod-related on your body, you can always carry something Tide Pod-related. Seriously, carry around an empty Tide Pod container, and show fellow party-goers a Tide Pod meme or two on your phone, and you'll be totally recognizable as the weirdest trend of 2018. You can grab Tide Pods at the store or on Amazon for $19.

Use Wordplay For a Creative Costume

Both "tide" and "pod" have meanings outside the laundry detergent. Draw an ocean wave on one cheek or one side of your t-shirt and a pea pod on the other for a subtle Tide Pod costume. You could also buy Forum Novelties Adult Peas Costume on Amazon for $32 and cover it up with Tide Pod imagery for your very own "Peas in a Tide Pod."

You can get creative, or you can stay super literal with your Tide Post costume. Whichever route you take, people are sure to recognize you as the wild and weird Tide Pod trend of 2018.