Dwight Schrute sits in the conference room during a Halloween episode of 'The Office' with a pumpkin...
These Boo Basket Ideas Are For The World's Biggest 'The Office' Fans

Your best friend is the World's Best Fan of The Office. They can tell you what each episode is called, as well as the most iconic quotes from the beloved characters. They have a strong opinion on the final seasons, and have maybe even worn a kangaroo, Prison Mike, and "rational consumer" costume on Halloween. For that reason, snag some of these The Office-inspired boo basket ideas and give them a gift that's better than beach games and mini chore wheels.

They'll adore unwrapping a gift basket to see chocolate turtles, supplies that are only worthy of the Assistant to the Regional Manager, and Office-inspired merch inside. You may catch them taking selfies in a shirt that says Schrute Farms on it, or a shirt that's similar to the ones the cast wore during "Fun Run." If you're also a major fan of The Office, you may want to keep certain items for yourself or save them for your upcoming Secret Santa. (To be honest, put them on your holiday wish list just in case your BFFs aren't as clever as coming up with gift ideas as Jim and Pam.)

Each of these boo basket ideas is designed around a specific theme or joke from The Office, and are made for the World's Best Fan on Halloween.

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The Halloween Party Basket

The crew at Dunder Mifflin planned Halloween parties like it was their full-time job. (Sorry, paper and printers!) They held costume contests and bobbed for apples while dressed up like a nurse, cat, or Popeye.

Give your friend the goods they need to throw a party Dunder Mifflin-style this year. Add a glow-in-the-dark skeleton outfit ($40,, pair of cat ears ($6,, and a pumpkin carving kit ($3, to a basket. Get them a cozy sweatshirt with Dwight's pumpkin head on it, too ($20,

The Café Disco Basket

Let's be honest: Everyone wanted to hang out at the café disco when they knew what it was all about. Jim and Pam even chose to hang out there instead of getting secretly married. Gift your BFF a boo basket that encapsulates café disco's spirit, as well as their love for coffee and The Office.

In this basket, include the famous World's Best Boss mug ($15,, a bag of coffee beans ($14,, and a bouquet of purple flowers similar to Pam's and conveniently called "That's My Jam" ($68, Top off this basket with portable cassette player they can play "Everybody Dance Now" on ($30,

The Assistant To The Regional Manager Basket

The Assistant Regional Manager has a very important role in the office — even if they occasionally take on the additional "to the." If your BFF is currently working from home, set them up for success by creating a basket with a Dwight Schrute bobble-head ($12,, an adorable notebook with a Michael Scott quote on the cover ($12,, and a fun pretzel maker which they can use on their very own Pretzel Day ($20,

Of course, if you want to do more for your Office fan, you can add a Dundie Award to this basket ($20, Add their superlative to an attached note.

The Prank Basket

The pranks that Jim pulled on Dwight can't be beat. He dressed up like him, put his stapler in Jell-O, and even forwarded all of his calls to his cell phone. Whether your BFF is a prankster as well or finds those cold opens to be the best part of The Office, give them this specialty basket.

It's jam-packed with yellow Jell-O ($1,, a "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galatica." phone case (19, and playing cards they can use to pull magic tricks on your other friends ($8, Of course, this basket could also have this mini vending machine which will remind your BFF of Jim and Pam's dual prank where they put Dwight's desk items in the vending machine and he had to buy them back ($30,

The Fun Run Basket

Is your BFF the type of person who loves to wake up and get a workout in first thing? If so, put together this basket that's so inspired by "Fun Run." Purchase them a "Fun Run" T-shirt ($23,, a pasta maker for when it's time to "carbo load" ($50,, and yoga mat that would make Holly so proud ($15, Complete this basket with a water bottle covered in jokes from The Office ($22,, to wish The World's Best Fan a very happy Halloween.