In the season two trailer for 'The Mandalorian,' Mando kneels next to The Child in a snowy town.
These 'Mandalorian'-Inspired Boo Basket Ideas Are Strong On Cuteness

When episode nine of the Star Wars saga was released in 2019, you were worried about how you'd get your fix of a galaxy far, far away. Then, The Mandalorian was released and you were introduced to a whole new line of characters including The Child, aka Baby Yoda. This Halloween, you'll celebrate by watching the new season and giving your Mando-lovin' BFF a boo basket using these The Mandalorian-inspired boo basket ideas.

To be frank, they love the show just as much as you, and are always down to talk theories and plot twists via text. You love to tune into the latest episodes together so you can talk about what's happening with Mando's missions right after without worrying about spoiling anything. Whether Halloween is your friend's favorite holiday or not, you know they'll adore a boo basket filled with Baby Yoda merch like a baseball cap, phone case, or even a puzzle.

Of course, after you put together the Mandalorian-inspired basket, you may want to keep it for yourself. The cuteness of each item will be very strong and hard to resist, much like The Force and the heart behind the Resistance. Start by using these five ideas to put together a basket for a friend. If you see something you love, pick it up for yourself, too. As the Mandalorians say, "This is the way."

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For The Dog Owner

Turning your best friend's dog into their very own Baby Yoda is possible, thanks to this boo basket idea. It starts off with a Baby Yoda dog costume ($30,, and ends with a frog chew toy that'll channel his favorite snack ($7, This basket also includes a dog bandana with The Child printed on it ($12,, and a collar with the cute green alien ($18,

For The Home Decor Queen

For the friend who loves to decorate their home with cute and personalized goods, get them a boo basket with a snow globe inspired by The Mandalorian ($24, Wrap up this minimalistic poster of Mando and Baby Yoda walking into the sunset ($9,, and a concrete planter that looks like a Mandalorian's helmet ($13, Last but not least, get a Mando-lovin' friend a set of wooden coasters to have in their home ($28,

For The Foodie

Foodies typically love to load their kitchen up with cool gizmos and gadgets. Luckily, there are a ton of them inspired by Baby Yoda and Mando for your friend to add to their collection. For example, there's a slow cooker ($50,, a toaster ($42,, and an oven mitt ($17, Complete this basket idea with a travel mug that's the same color of many of the landscapes from The Mandalorian ($18,

For The Plant Lover

Plant lovers can stock up on merch from The Mandalorian, too. You just have to order your friend (and yourself) a DIY planter that you can color to make your own ($12, and even a Chia Pet that features Baby Yoda in his floating shell ($20, Add a "Yodalorian" succulent planter, which is the perfect combination of both characters, ($18, and a pack of parsnip seeds as well ($1, (As we know, Baby Yoda loves soup, and parsnips can be used to make a tasty soup.)

For The True Fan

True fans of The Mandalorian may want every collectible item imaginable, so use your boo basket to stock your friend up on a couple of Mandalorian Pez dispensers ($6,, a magnetic Baby Yoda that can happily sit on your shoulder ($20,, and a cozy beanie ($40, Pack these items in a basket, along with a phone case that they will have all the heart eyes for ($35,, for a gift that's truly strong on cuteness.