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Give These ‘Star Wars’ Boo Baskets To Your Best Friends In The Entire Galaxy

Even if your best friend lived in a galaxy far, far away, you’d celebrate the spookiest season of the year together. That’s because your friendship is as strong as The Force, and never wavers — much like Chewbacca and Han Solo. You stay by each other through life’s tricks and treats, and spend hours texting Baby Yoda memes back and forth. This year, why don’t you recreate one of these Star Wars-inspired boo basket ideas to give your best friend on Halloween?

It would pair so nicely with their Princess Leia or Darth Vader costume, which they’ve been waiting to wear since Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker came out in December 2019. At that time, Halloween had already passed. But your best friend emerged from the premiere saying, “I want to be just like Rey,” and declaring they already had a lightsaber at home. Although it’s been months, your best friend’s love for each and every episode of the franchise still runs as deep as the Resistance, and now they’re sending texts in the group chat about the upcoming season of The Mandalorian.

Take a hint from those texts and put together a boo basket for your best friend on Halloween that’s filled with the latest Star Wars merchandise. Snag them a baseball hat with Baby Yoda, a phone case with the Millenium Falcon, and even a video game where they can explore the galaxy themselves. Here are five Star Wars boo basket ideas to get you started.

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For The Chef

Does your best friend usually have Star Wars playing on their TV while they’re cooking a tasty meal? Did they wonder what kind of soup Baby Yoda was sipping on in that iconic meme from The Mandalorian? If so, set them up with everything they need to make a Star Wars-themed meal or snack.

This includes a Millennium Falcon waffle maker ($50,, a rolling pin that engraves Star Wars patterns ($14,, and decorated glass containers for storing their delicious creations ($40, Toss in a D-O mug ($13, and a lightsaber immersion blender ($35, while you’re at it, too.

For The Fashionista

The fashionista friend who’s also obsessed with Star Wars likely has a few T-shirts and sweatshirts in their closet with Baby Yoda on the front. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a boo basket with other staples like a Millennium Falcon tee that looks a little vintage ($34,, or sneakers inspired by Rey ($80,

You can also totally fill up a basket with athleisure items like a Baby Yoda baseball cap ($25, and accessories like a pack of colorful scrunchies ($10, Finish this particular boo basket off with a gold metallic nail polish ($8,

For The Fitness Guru

Workouts are so much better when you have Star Wars gear by your side. There's just something about sipping water out of a bottle with a lightsaber on it that just makes you want to crush your weight-lifting routine even more. Pass along that stellar motivation to your best friend via this boo basket.

It might be filled with a Darth Vader canteen ($38,, a yoga mat tote that looks like it would be carried by one of the stormtroopers ($52,, or a pair of headphones with Baby Yoda chilling on each ear piece ($20, It could also have a Lokai bracelet with The Child on it ($22,, which will help bring balance and serenity to your best friend's meditation sessions.

For The Holiday Lover

The holidays are quickly approaching, and your best friend will need a few ornaments and other goodies to make their love of Star Wars known. Look no further than these crocheted Baby Yoda ornaments ($16,, and this holiday sweater ($35, that'll be so cozy to wear during FaceTime or Zoom gatherings. Add in a bunch of handmade Ewok holiday cards as well ($3,

For The Adventurer

Your best friend is an adventurer like Rey. They don't back down from a challenge or the chance to hop in a spaceship (Well, in this case, a car.) and go for a ride. For Halloween, you should put a mini R2D2 cooler ($30, in a boo basket, along with a map of the Star Wars galaxy ($23, Splurge on a Polaroid camera with the Star Wars characters on it ($80, as well, which you and your best friend can use the next time you hang out.