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These Taylor Swift Dance Tutorials Call For A Roomie Party In Your Living Room

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As a Swiftie, you've had your fair share of Taylor Swift dance parties in your apartment. Pretending your hair brush is a microphone, you find yourself singing along to your favorite Swift songs, taking center stage. But with these Taylor Swift dance tutorials, you and your roomie can learn all the dance moves to those hits, too. As much as you love just jumping around without a care, sometimes it's fun to follow along with the choreography.

By watching these tutorials, you'll get to learn step-by-step the moves that Swift does in her music videos and live shows. That means you and your bestie can channel Swift and Todrick Hall dancing in the "Look What You Made Me Do" music video, or shaking it off in, well, "Shake It Off."

All you need to do is clear some space so you have enough room to show off your dance moves. Then, follow along with the steps and go at your own pace. The best part about following a video is you're able to go back to any steps you may need to review again. When you've got all the moves down, you're ready to perform. Make sure you record yourself dancing and tag Swift in your Insta posts.

"Look What You Made Me Do"

You can't come to the phone right now. Why? Because you're too busy learning the choreography from the "Look What You Made Me Do" music video. This tutorial covers all the moves from the actual video, so you and your roomie should put on your matching black outfits so you can really channel Taylor and Todrick while you dance.

"The Man"

You may have "The Man" from Swift's album, Lover, on repeat, which makes this tutorial so great. Now you'll have all the right moves for when you listen to the song over and over again. Once you've nailed down the tutorial, you can practice it with the full dance video.

"...Ready For It?"

Are you ready to take on another Taylor Swift dance? Well, this routine is set to her song "...Ready For It?" from her reputation album. This video is easy to follow, because it's recorded from behind the teacher, so it's like you're in class.


You may remember where you were when you first saw the colorful music video for "ME!". It's such a catchy, high-energy song that you can't help but to dance along to it. Now, you can get in sync with your roomie when you dance by learning the choreography in this tutorial.


If you want to try a solo, the routine from Taylor Swift's "Delicate" video is perfect for that. This video breaks down all the moves from the video, so you can mirror Swift as well. Put on a blue dress, and you're ready to recreate the whole thing.

"Shake It Off"

A difficult challenge is to listen to the song "Shake It Off", and refrain from dancing. You just have to shake it off when this song comes on, so go ahead and follow this tutorial. According to the video, the routine is based on Taylor's VMA performance.

"Welcome To New York"

If you were able to see Taylor on her 1989 World Tour, you might remember this routine from her song "Welcome To New York." Just like New York, this tutorial that's inspired by her live performance has been waiting for you. This is perfect for your entire squad, so get all of your roomies together in your sparkliest Taylor-inspired outfits, and dance like you're in a large sold-out arena.

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