Summer's Biggest Sneaker Trends Are Going To Make Your Style Bloom Comfortably

Angela Weiss/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This far into winter, I know you're probably dying for the day when it's finally warm enough to pull on some sandals and finally free your toes. I get it, except summer 2019 sneaker trends are so dang cool that my feet just might be spending the warmest season of the year still regularly cocooned in socks. They're all kinds of bright and playful and structurally cool, so say goodbye to that plain white sneaker that's been dominating for way too many years and get ready to usher in a new class of lace-ups.

Yes, the dad sneaker is still in. But in what I hope will feel like refreshing news to you, no, they are not on the below sneaker trend list. By now they feel like old news (literally and figuratively speaking) and seeing as there are so many ace new styles to cover they no longer make the cut. Which brings us to the six trends that are set to define 2019's sneaker culture—check them out below and decide for yourself whether sandals will dominate your seasonal look.


Hiking-inspired sneaker boots are set to bring an adventurous spirit to summer style, which makes sense seeing as proper hiking boots were one of winter's biggest footwear trends. Pair them with ruffled skirts and floral dresses for a sweet-meets-edgy look, or wear them with equally outdoorsy pieces and take your look totally off the sartorial grid.

Floral Prints

Bud-studded sneakers are a cool way to add some subtle print and color to your summer look, especially if you generally keep things relatively straightforward. If you love mixing and matching patterns they'll make your sartorial hobby a breeze.

Chunky Soles

If you want to elevate your look quite literally opt for some sneakers with extra chunky soles. Converse with classic platforms work, or you can go a little wilder and search for sneakers with irregularly shaped treads. Either way, you'll raise your footwear game.

Animal Prints

Tune into your animal instincts with a pair of animal print sneakers. If you like the pattern trend but aren't much of a leopard print dress kind of person, this is a great way to rock it in more subtle form.

'80s Redux

This trend makes me think of photos I've seen of my mother dressed for her Jazzercise class back in the '80s. Sweatband, purple bilker shorts, teal shirt—she was decked all the way out, and these sneakers would have really completed the look. Styles featuring color blocked uppers in the brightest of shades are in and will make all of your Richard Simmons style dreams come true.

Living Coral

Pantone's color of 2019 couldn't not be mentioned in this roundup, so get ready to take your sneakers in a very oceanic direction. Coral shoes might seem a bit daunting, but they'll pair well with any look comprised of neutral colors or those with prints in complementary shades.

What do you think, time to kick your summer sandals to the curb?