If You Aren't Big Into Purses, You Will Be Thanks To Summer's Coolest Bag Trends

From tie dye prints and fishnet dresses to shell-embellished shoes and feathers on everything, this season's trends are set to be some of the most exuberant yet. Expectedly, summer 2019 bags boast that same rambunctious spirit, so it's time to trade in your go-to black crossbody for something a little more out of the ordinary.

No matter what your typical aesthetic is there will definitely be a carryall or two on the list below that will not only vibe with it, but take it to a whole other level. There are bags made of woven straw for those of you who like natural, handcrafted styles and others that come in vibrant neons for those of you that, uh, don't. Micro bags, macro totes, see-through materials, beaded embellishments—there's a little something for everyone. Shop some of the coolest styles below—carry on.

Net Worth

As with dresses, bags crafted from netting will be everywhere this summer, proving that mermaids, the beauty industry's greatest mythical muses, are now inspiring the fashion world too. The trend is perfect for beach days seeing as unlined styles won't trap sand, just be sure to all of your small belongings are in a zipper bag of their own.


Teeny tiny bags that you can wear around your neck are having a serious moment (I blame Jacquemus) and while they might not necessarily fit all of your daily essentials, they'll most definitely fit your credit card and chapstick. Two great thing to have at arms-length, no?

Just Bead It

Bags crafted from interwoven strands of wooden and plastic beads will definitely speak to your innermost crafty self. Some styles feature dazzling colors and kitschy embellishments while others boast a more mature vibe. A bead for every occasion.

Vivid Dreams

Think pastels are hogwash and neons are where it's at? You're in luck, because blinding hues with electric energy are about to dominate bag styles. That's a bright idea.

Big Tote Energy

It's a thing! Giant bags that carry a medium-size dog were all over the spring/ summer runways, proving that convenience (maybe to the extreme!) is cool. Is this the Mary Poppins Returns effect?

In Stitches

Remember when basically every pair of jeans you owned was embellished with an embroidered flower or star or phrase or the like? Now, the 2000s trend is back, but it's taking over bags instead.

I See Right Through You

Transparent bags are incredibly unappealing to those of us whose purses look like a bomb's gone off inside of them, but for all of you who are neat freaks, this is a trend you must try. Especially if you just bought a cool new wallet you want to show off.

Final Straw

Bags crafted from woven straw, especially those in circular form, are a great way to add some surprising texture to your look. They pair just as well with jeans and a tee as they do with a printed mini dress, so go ahead and opt for the unexpected accessory.

Time to become a bag lady, no?