These Sophie & Joe Halloween Costume Ideas Are Romantic AF

by Hollee Actman Becker
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's no denying that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are a seriously cool couple. Top to the bottom, they're just cool. And yes, I just did that, don't @ me. These two just always seem like they're having the best time together, whether they're rocking out on yachts on vacay, supporting each other on the red carpet, or guzzling beers courtside at sporting events. We all just want to be them — or at least get the chance to hang out with them. And while that will probs never happen, we can, at least, dress up and pretend to be the aspirational couple for one amazing night. These four Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas couples Halloween costume ideas will have you feeling like you're dancing on top of bars and stumbling out of bars, even if you're just sitting at home handing out, well, suckers. Speaking of which...

1. "Sucker" Jophie

Why not take inspiration from the Jonas Brothers' major 2019 comeback track and steal Turner and Jonas' looks from the Sucker music video? I mean, Turner's outfit in the vid basically looks like a Halloween costume anyway, am I right?

Her entire look (minus the headpiece) came straight from designer Tomo Koizumi's Spring/Summer '19 collection.

YouTube/Jonas Brothers

To emulate it, start with this pink angora heart sweater from Sophie Moran:

Then purchase two of these rainbow-hued tutus on Etsy, and cut one up to use as armbands:

Top off the look with a tinsel headband from Amazon:

For Jonas' look, you'll need to outfit your boo in a pale pink t-shirt topped with a matching pink jacket.

YouTube/Jonas Brothers

I'm kind of digging these options from Amazon:

Oh, and feel free to hit that baby up with a Be Dazzler tool for extra ~stud~ appeal.

2. Dark Phoenix Jophie

Turner looked stunning in Louis Vuitton at the X-Men: Dark Phoenix premiere in Los Angeles on June 5, and we love Jonas' coordinating black-and-white ensemble.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Copy Turner's look with this paisley bustier:

Pair it with a striped pencil skirt from Amazon:

Then complete the look with a black leather belt with a big silver buckle.

For Jonas' synchronized look, you'll need a vertical black-and-white, striped shirt like this one:

Worn under a slim-fit black suit, like this sleek option from Van Heusen:

3. Chasing Happiness Jophie

Remember when Turner basically stole the show on the red carpet for the premiere of Chasing Happiness in her Paco Rabanne silver chain mail dress? It was sultry and sexy, and seriously curve-hugging, making it the perfect fit for All Hallow's Eve. Even Jonas couldn't take his eyes off of her.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

To steal this style, you'll need just one thing — a metallic chain mail dress.

Here are a few options:

For Jonas' look, you'll need to start with a slim-fit charcoal grey suit:

Then complete the look with a dark mustard tee:

4. Vegas Jophie

Not gonna lie, this is my favorite Jophie costume idea. The whole surprise wedding thing was just so iconic. I mean, Turner and Jonas hit up a Las Vegas chapel after the Billboard Music Awards on May 1, where they proceeded to get married by an Elvis impersonator. Afterward, they threw on shades inspired by The King, popped on a couple of RingPops, then posed on a pink Cadillac like a couple of bosses.

Coolest. Newlyweds. Ever. I mean, who wouldn't want to recreate this look for Halloween?

Jonas rocked another dark grey suit, while his bride looked super cool and chic in a white bridal jumpsuit by Ukrainian brand, Bevza.

This is the actual jumpsuit from Bevza that Turner wore:

Bevza Official

But if you don't feel like dropping upwards of $600 on a costume — although, TBH, you could totally wear this baby again — here's a pretty good dupe you can cop at Bloomingdales:

Have your SO wear the same charcoal suit from the Chasing Happiness costume:

Only this time, your date should punctuate the look with a crisp white button-down and matching faux boutonniere, like these:

To really pull off this costume, of course, you'll both need those Elvis glasses and a pair of Ring Pops.

Obviously, Turner and Jonas are total bad*asses. So whichever costume you choose, just remember to act like a new James Dean and a Killer Queen and it'll all be cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.