Snoopy walks along some pumpkins in 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.'
These Snoopy Boo Basket Ideas Are Pumpkin' To Woof About

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A Halloween tradition you've likely kept since you were a kid is watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown every October. It just wouldn't be the same without a nostalgic replay of Snoopy and the crew. For a fellow Great Pumpkin-loving friend, you might want to put together some Snoopy boo basket ideas to make this Halloween the greatest one yet.

Just like Snoopy is the cutest pup you've ever seen, boo baskets are the cutest ways to send your besties some Halloween treats. Not only do you get to fill your baskets with items you know they'll love, but you can come up with a theme that ties everything together. If your friend's favorite character of all time is Snoopy, organize a pawsome basket that has a Snoopy plush and hoodie for them to get cozy with while watching the TV special at home. If you want to stay on the "great pumpkin" theme, treat your friend to a ton of pumpkin goodies from snacks to supplies to make their own gourd decor.

For the Lucy of the crew, get a football-inspired basket that's great for game days and tossing around a football in the yard. Knowing that your bestie loves Snoopy is the first step, and all you have to do next is decide on a boo basket idea that will make their Halloween even greater.

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The "It's The Great Pumpkin" Basket

Give your friend pumpkin to talk about with an all-pumpkin basket. Be sure to include a pumpkin carving kit ($4, or some paint ($9, for them to decorate their own jack-o-lanterns at home. While they get creative, they can enjoy pumpkin-flavored goodies, such as pumpkin spice cookies ($22 for a 12 count, and pumpkin chai tea ($10,, and relaxing with a pumpkin-scented candle ($24,

The "Biggest Snoopy Fan" Basket

For the biggest Snoopy fan, put together a basket that's filled with nods to their fave character. It should have a cute Snoopy plush ($15, and a cozy hoodie ($38, in their fave color. You can also include a pair of sunnies ($66, and a red scarf ($40, for them to dress up as Snoopy.

The "Hanging Out In A Pumpkin Patch" Basket

Linus needed a pumpkin patch kit to keep him busy while waiting for the Great Pumpkin on Halloween. Make sure your bestie has everything they need for visiting a farm this fall and snapping pics, like a cozy fall sweater ($49, To help them recreate the pumpkin patch feel at home, you can even include some farm fresh flowers ($59, and a pumpkin picking candle ($34,

The "Here For The Tricks And Treats" Basket

Instead of going trick-or-treating, your friend can relax at home with a basket filled with tons of sweet treats. Include your bestie's favorite candy and a bottle of wine to pair with it. A bottle of rosé ($3, pairs nicely with peanut butter cups, or a red cabernet sauvignon ($2, goes well with dark chocolate. For a silly trick on your friend, include some chocolate boulders ($9, in their basket so they get some rocks just like Charlie Brown did.

The "Cozy Like Linus' Blanket" Basket

For the Linus to your Charlie Brown, put together the ultimate cozy basket. You'll need a comfy blanket ($40, like his that your bestie can bundle up in all season long. While they get cozy, they can write a letter to the Great Pumpkin with a cute stationary set ($6, and new gel pens ($17,

The "Lucy Football" Basket

There's nothing better than watching and playing football in the fall. Get together a game day basket that Lucy would love, and include things like a cozy sweatshirt ($25, and a water bottle ($35, For watching games at home, include a comfy football pillow ($17, to toss onto their couch.

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