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This Cosmic Office Decor Will Inspire Any Scorpio Who's Working From Home

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The space you work and live in should always be a reflection of you. The art on the walls should include your favorite quotes, flowers, or animals, and that favorite mug on your desk might have the cutest engraving of your star sign. During Scorpio season, don't sleep on these Scorpio office decor ideas that'll speak to the passion in your soul and bring cosmic inspo to your workdays. Each item is sure to make you feel motivated in your space, and help you tackle hefty assignments with ease.

They're made with stardust from the Scorpio constellation or anything. But, they do have a very magical appearance that'll catch your eye first thing in the morning, when you've only had a few sips of coffee. Although you probably never want to come face to face with a scorpion in real life, this creature can be an inspirational reminder to believe in yourself and your career goals. You may see it hanging on your wall or gracing your phone charger, and say, "Today, I'm going to be like you."

Especially during Scorpio season, this type of inspiration can be game-changing. So, don't waste this season without these pieces of Scorpio office decor. Bring some cosmic vibes to your workdays ASAP.

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Hang This LED Light On Your Wall

Brighten up your workspace with this light. It's shaped like the Scorpio symbol and will surely be a sweet item to show off on Instagram. Before starting work each day, you can turn this LED light ($39, on, and take a pre-meeting selfie. You have to spread the good and cosmic vibes, you know?

Put This Print Next To Your Fave Books

This vibrant art print ($48, will speak to your passionate Scorpio soul. Clearly, these bold and beautiful dancers are not shy about showcasing their talents (rightfully so), and serve as a reminder that you shouldn't be shy when it comes to yours, either. This print is also painted in the colors of a Scorpio, including shades of rust and scarlet.

Jot Down Your Ideas In A Mars Notebook

Mars is one of the ruling planets of a Scorpio, so it deserves a spot in your workspace. Granted, you could hang up a print of the planet on your walls. But, this notebook ($15, will encourage you to jot down any creative ideas you have. Let's be honest: you're never really at a shortage of those, and could use a place to jot down what's on your mind throughout the day.

Light This Soy Candle During Zoom Meetings

When you're about to log on to yet another Zoom meeting, this soy candle ($16, will be a helpful sidekick. It's made with Scorpio-loving crystals like amethyst. To say the least, your workspace will be filled with good vibes, aromas, and energy.

Tuck This Pillow Onto Your Couch Or Desk Chair

Let this pillow ($45, titled "Cornucopia" be a reminder to always be your resourceful self. Scorpios are known for their ability to take any situation and run with it. Like a cornucopia, you're filled with passion that's ready to be harvested. This pillow will encourage you to do exactly that.

Listen To This Wave Machine While Writing Emails

A Scorpio is a water sign, which is shown in your ability to dream and imagine scenarios larger than life. Grab one of these calming wave sound machines ($20, for your workspace that'll speak to the water sign within you.

Sip Coffee Out Of This Rose Gold Mug

Everything is pretty rosey in your life when it's Scorpio season. The whole universe may feel like it's aligned for you. Make the most of this feeling by sipping coffee out of this rose gold mug ($30, and water or wine out of this rose gold stemless glass.

Place This Ceramic Mum Near Your Laptop

Every year, Scorpio season comes around in the fall which is the same time when chrysanthemums are blooming. For that reason, snag this ceramic chrysanthemum ($38, which you can put on a bookshelf or position next to your laptop. Look at it when you need some inspiration, and it'll remind you to bloom, lead, and make bold decisions.