McDonald’s Will Reportedly Offer A Caramel Brownie McFlurry On A New International Menu

OK, I kind of hate to admit this, but one of my absolute favorite activities while traveling outside the United States is checking out the local McDonald's. The chain offers vastly different menu items wherever you go, from the McAllo Tikki in India to the Teriyaki McBurger in Japan, and my personal favorite, mozzarella sticks in Great Britain. But now, you won't have to hop on a plane to try some of the Golden Arches' greatest international offerings, because these reported McDonald's international menu items for summer 2020 are apparently coming to America. IDK about you, but I seriously can't wait to embark on this culinary adventure.

In just a few weeks, starting in August 2019, McDonald's is reportedly going to launch what they call a "Worldwide Favorites 2.0 test," according to internal documents acquired by Business Insider. That basically means the fast food chain will apparently be testing menu items from other countries in select U.S. restaurants. The select international menu items reportedly include the Savory Ranch Burger from Mexico, the Grand Premium Chicken Sandwich from France, the McChicken McMuffin from Japan, and the Caramel Brownie McFlurry from Canada. Elite Daily reached out to McDonald's for further information regarding the reported Worldwide Favorites 2.0 test, but did not hear back at the time of publication. Regardless, there's a Caramel Brownie McFlurry with my name on it, and I'm determined to get my hands on one ASAP.

Isn't she a beaut?

Anyway, although the chain's reported international food test sounds like an undeniably exciting food coma, I have some — well — relatively disappointing news. This year's reported test market is going to be small, like... really small. Per the documents viewed by Business Insider, only about 100 McDonald's restaurants throughout the Connecticut area are getting the chance to participate. What a bummer.

However, if the feedback from the test is overall positive these international goodies might end up making their way to McDonald's locations across the U.S. by summer 2020. So, it pretty much goes without saying I'll be taking 10 of those Carmel Brownie McFlurries — they sound like a truly next-level summertime snack.

Foodies might remember when the chain did something similar earlier this year in June 2019, when Mickey D's launched its first Worldwide Favorites menu to restaurants across the U.S. The first international offering included unique and seriously delicious items like the Netherlands' Stroopwafel McFlurry, Canada's Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich, Australia's Cheesy Bacon Fries, and — of course — Spain's Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger. These items are still currently available at most McDonald's locations in the contiguous United States.

Courtesy Of McDonald's

Very few things excite me more than getting the opportunity to try some of McDonald's international offerings, and now you won't have to renew your passport to do so. While it sounds like you'll have to wait a bit to try some of these babies (unless you live in Connecticut, that is!), they're reportedly making their way to restaurants across the country in just a year. Until then, I guess I'll be filling up on my classic Small Fries and Oreo McFlurry order. And in my opinion, that really isn't a terrible alternative.