You Can Get 50% Off Your Delivery Order With Postmates Palooza

I'm a total sucker for a bargain, so you could imagine how hard I go on Prime Day and Black Friday. But, one of the lesser known consumer-based holidays, Postmates Palooza, lasts a full weekend long, and it gets you major discounts on delivery from all your favorite restaurants. Seriously, if you haven't checked out these Postmates Palooza discounts for July 2019, they could save up to 50% on your order. Now, that's what I call a steal.

For the fourth year in a row, online delivery service site Postmates is celebrating Postmates Palooza from Friday, July 26 to Sunday, July 28, according to a press release. And if you haven't had the chance to celebrate in years past, it's basically a food-focused version of Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday, solely offering deals from restaurants via Postmates. Regardless of where you are, you'll be able to order from an incredibly wide range of spots and take advantage of so many different deals. So, Postmates Palooza is basically a weekend-long feast (er food coma, really).

Some of the greatest Postmates Palooza deals include 10% off wings at Hooters, $3 off orders of $15 at Fatburger, and 50% off from Chipotle and Church's Chicken, according to the press release. A variety of restaurants will also be offering freebies (yes, free food!), as well as $5 off $20 orders. The discounts are totally contingent on what day it is, and where you're ordering from, so make sure to keep checking in to see what will be available.

Courtesy Of Postmates

According to the press release, Eric Edge, the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Postmates, said the brand is beyond excited for fans to take advantage of so many fantastic deals. He highlighted the wide range of options, reiterating the 500,000 restaurants that have available deals.

In the press release, Edge said:

Postmates Palooza is our time to bring the best deals of the year to our customers from thousands of their favorite merchants. This is a perfect way for many of our more than 500,000 merchants to reach customers across 3,500 cities with a great deal. From Chipotle to Fatburger, customers just have to open the Postmates Palooza feed to start saving.

So, if you're down to celebrate Postmates Palooza this year, simply make your way to the Postmates website, or download Postmates on the Apple Store or via Google Play. It's bound to be a great (and totally stuffed) time.

Postmates is always looking for new ways to make its customers happy. Earlier this year in March 2019, for example, the food delivery site debuted a brand new feature called Postmates Party. Basically it's a ride-sharing features for your food, enabling you to skip out on paying a delivery fee. Upon making your way to the site and filling in your address, Postmates will give you a list of restaurants where others in your neighborhood are ordering from. After selecting "join the Party," you will be able share the delivery with other orders in your area, and you won't be charged a delivery fee. Incredible, right?

Postmates Palooza partiers — grab your party hats, and most importantly, your eating pants. My body is ready.