TXT's Yeonjun & Beomgyu Are Rocking New Hair Colors That Have Fans Weak In The Knees

by Jamie LeeLo

How do we bottle the power that K-pop stars have in their hair color and use it for good? I've never seen more hysteria over appearances than I have since I've tuned into the K-pop genre. Fans regularly swoon TXT's big brother band BTS and their changing locks and it looks like the younger generation is catching on. The photos of TXT's Yeonjun & Beomgyu's new hair colors in the concept photos for "Cat & Dog" have their fans shouting, which I now understand is the customary response when an idol swaps up his or her look.

TXT, or Tomorrow X Together, is made up of five members: Yeonjun, Soobin, Hueningkai, Taehyun, and Beomgyu. Their ages range from 16 to 19 years old and they have been met with open arms by the K-pop community, and more specifically, BTS' ARMY. TXT and BTS share the same agency, BigHit Entertainment, which can't seem to do any wrong when it comes to their artists.

TXT's mini debut album called The Dream Chapter: Star is a delightful romp through upbeat tunes that showcases the boys' playful demeanors. As BigHit puts it, "TOMORROW X TOGETHER is a bright and youthful boy band where each member is different from one another, shining in their own way to create a synergy." The same qualities are featured in the new concept photos for their track "Cat & Dog," which is the boys' second single and a music video is on its way (hence the teasers).

In the photos, Yeonjun and Beomgyu sit in a brightly colored room full of flowers, books, vintage-looking furniture, and teacups. Yeonjun cradles a gray cat while Beomgyu chills with a small brown/orange-ish poodle. (Get it? Cat and dog?) While a die-hard fan could go to town analyzing all of the details in the pictures, there's one key element that truly stands out: their hair colors.

When TXT first hit the scene, all the boys rocked a natural shade of dark brown with reddish-brown tints in some cases. Today, Beomgyu has upgraded to a muted strawberry blonde and Yeonjun went with an icy purple/gray. Now that I think about it, they kind of match the colors of the animals in their laps.

Eat this up:

People sounded off in the comments writing a whole number of things. Some of them make sense. Some are extreme, but hey... who am I to rain on the fandom parade?

Fans wrote things like, "THIS IS SO POWERFUL," "AM I BREATHING," and, "thank you."

The release date for TXT's "music video is April 25 at midnight KST/ April 24 at 11:00 a.m. EST. In addition to the photos above, BigHit also shared five videos of each member being sketched with animal ears. All of the videos are titled, "Sketching Film."

Maybe it doesn't mean anything, but it's worth noting the sketches feature all of the boys rocking a reddish shade of hair. (Have at it, conspiracy theorists!)

For now, fans will just have to be patient for April 25 to see what hair colors made the cut for this project. Surely, they can't wait!